What Fitness Blogger Sierra Nielsen Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Incredible

Sierra Nielsen is a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, blogger and member of PureWow’s Coterie. She also finds the time to post some seriously envy-inducing Instagram photos (see below). So we had to know: What does she eat in a day to look so great and feel so energized? (Hint: She’s cool with ending the day with wine and cookies.)

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6:00 A.m.

“I wake up early, but I don’t usually have my first meal of the day until later in the morning after seeing clients. I’m a huge fan of intermittent fasting. The idea is to limit the number of hours per day that you consume food. I usually go about 14 hours a day without eating. I will start my morning with a big class of water (or hot water with lemon), followed by a coffee with almond milk creamer from NutPods. If I don’t have early clients, I like to get in my workout first thing in the morning and will often bring along my Green Warrior Protein Smoothie to drink before or right after my workout.”

egg muffins with tomatoes and spinach
Sierra Nielsen

10:30 A.m.

"After seeing my morning clients it’s time to eat. My first meal is usually some type of veggie and egg dish, like a veggie omelet with spinach, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower or veggie egg muffins with a side of avocado. (Or, in my case, the entire avocado sprinkled with Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning). I usually meal-prep a big batch for the week as an easy-to-grab option when I’m on the go."

white plate with salad with tomatoes and almonds
Sierra Nielsen

2:00 P.m.

“My second meal is usually a big salad with a variety of veggies and lean protein. One of my favorites is a kale and arugula salad with chicken, apple chunks, tomato, shaved almonds and a shallot Dijon vinaigrette.”

white bowl with vegan cauliflower mac and cheese
Sierra Nielsen

7 P.m.

“Dinnertime. I’ve been trying to eat a more plant-rich diet and have been having fun experimenting with new plant-based meals. I recently created a Gluten Free Vegan Cauliflower Mac & Cheese recipe that I was pretty proud of because it was boyfriend-approved, which is a huge deal. This particular dish I made with chickpea pasta, which is loaded with protein and fiber. I typically like to backload my carbs (meaning I save my carbs until the evening, as starchy carbs tend to make me feel weighed down and lethargic if I eat a lot of them early on in the day).”

plate of healthy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
Sierra Nielsen

8:30 P.m.

“Most days of the week, I end my day with some type of sweet treat, because I’m all about balance. If you told me I had to follow a strict 'no dessert' diet, I’d immediately run for the hills. But instead of reaching for super-high-sugar packaged cookies or desserts, I’ll treat myself to some organic dark chocolate and berries, or whip up a batch of my homemade healthy chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies. A couple nights a week, you’ll also find me winding down with a glass of red wine, because, let’s be’s too short to not enjoy yourself once in a while, right?”

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