Here's What a Yoga Instructor Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Incredible

Have you ever taken a yoga class and been almost as focused on your instructor’s next-level body as you are on nailing your crow pose? We have. So we went right to the source and grilled Deena Robertson, a yoga instructor and co-founder of Modo Yoga LA, on what she eats and drinks to stay looking and feeling her absolute best. (Hint: a lot of water.)

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9 A.m.

“This is when I wake up…or 7 a.m., or 10 a.m.—it’s always different. The one thing that’s always consistent is before I even roll out of bed I down a big glass of water. Put it beside your bed before you go to sleep and don’t let yourself get up until you drink it all. When you sweat as much as I do, hydration pretty much becomes your BFF. Fifteen minutes later, I’m drinking my yerba mate tea with homemade almond, hemp or cashew milk and raw organic honey. To make it, put the ingredients into a blender and blend baby, blend.”

yoga instructor diet smoothie

9:30 A.m.

“The blender is already dirty, so you might as well make the most delicious smoothie ever, right? Kale, banana, almond butter, spinach, hemp seeds and coconut water. Each day it changes, but those are the main staples. Sometimes I’ll throw in some mint, ginger or dates to make it sweeter, or I’ll throw some granola on top for crunch. So many smoothie options, so little time! Mainly I like to get a big hit of greens to start my day.”

2:45 P.m. 

“After a sweaty yoga class at 1:30, my hydration BFF and I are at it again. I try to drink a full bottle of water. I throw some Ultima in there to replenish my electrolytes and bam…the hydration love story continues."

yoga instructor diet salad

3 P.m.

“One of the most amazing parts about sweating so much in class is that you only crave the cleanest of foods after. Usually I’ll grab a big salad with everything in it: spinach (again!), kale (again!), chickpeas, raisins, pumpkin seeds and more. In my family we call this a Super Salad—probably a smart way my yogi Mom got us to eat veggies, but it worked and still works. For the rest of the afternoon, I’m drinking water in lots of different ways: with lemon, coconut water, with apple cider vinegar…”

yoga instructor diet dinner

8 P.m.

For dinner, my favorite thing to do is to make some rice pasta, throw in some fresh pesto with lots of garlic and olive oil with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and sweetened onions. The onions are the cherry on top. To make them, I throw some coconut oil in a pan, add chopped onions and cook. Then, by 11 p.m., I’m getting ready for bed, sharing my last loving moments with my BFF, water, until we get to start the magic all over again the next day.”

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