Here's What an Indoor Cycling Instructor Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Incredible

We were recently sitting in an indoor cycling class at Peloton, cooling down after 45 minutes of nonstop sweating and pedaling. That’s when we looked up to the instructor’s podium and marveled at our toned teacher’s seemingly perfect physique. (Seriously, how does her stomach look that good when she’s sitting down?) Here’s what the fabulously fit Emma Lovewell eats in a day to look and feel her best.

What to Eat Before and After Every Workout, According to Fitness Pros

7:30 A.m.

“I have to leave the house at 9 a.m., so I usually like to make sure I wake up early enough to have breakfast at home. I made hot green tea with almond milk and a smoothie—banana, strawberry, blueberry, kale, chia seeds, oatmeal and almond milk. It’s a quick meal that has lots of nutrients, carbs and fiber. The oatmeal in the smoothie helps to keep me full for longer.”

9:30 A.m.

“This morning, after a few phone calls and emails, I went to the gym for some strength training and stretching. Because I’m on the bike so much, it's important for me to prioritize recovery and stretching my legs, hips and back. I also like to add strength training for my upper body, back and core.” 

12:00 P.m.

“After an hour at the gym I stopped by Dig Inn and got a big bowl with greens, brown rice, chicken thighs, sweet potatoes and cucumbers. I only ate half of it, since they have really big portions and I don't want to eat too much before I teach class. I make sure to eat plenty of protein and greens to give me energy for my two classes coming up.”

what a spin instructor eats iced coffee

1:00 P.m.

“Once I got to Peloton I ordered a cold brew. Secret’s out, but we have the best cold brew. I taught two classes at the studio, one at 1:30 p.m. and another at 3 p.m. I try to eat a light meal two hours before I teach because I don't like to feel full during class. At Peloton there are 50 bikes in the room, and are hundreds of people taking these classes at their homes across the country. And potentially hundreds of thousands of people taking classes later on demand! I have to bring my A-game every time.”

2:30 P.m.

“In between my afternoon classes, I make sure to drink plenty of water. I put an electrolyte tab in my water as well. I need to make sure I'm staying as hydrated as possible. I ate a half of a protein bar in between my classes as well.” 

4:30 P.m.

“After my two classes, it's important that I eat a carb and a protein to replenish within an hour of finishing the workout. I got a protein shake at the Peloton café. My favorite is the OG Smoothie, with strawberry, banana, protein, coconut oil and almond milk. It's delicious! I was then able to finish the rest of my Dig Inn meal as well. I was starving!”

7:00 P.m.

“After running around the city for a couple appointments, I went to meet up with my friend Elizabeth to take her Pilates class. Fifty-five minutes of a core-focused workout—it’s killer! Elizabeth and I had plans to go out to dinner afterwards to catch up, so we went to get Italian food at Otto in Greenwich Village. I ordered a spinach salad, a piece of fish and some pasta. I have to admit, I try to eat as little gluten as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid. Especially when eating Italian!”

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