Your June 2020 Horoscopes

As if this year hasn’t already been a lot, June is another whirlwind. This month has us looking for clues so we can get back on the right path. On the 3rd, Venus meets the sun, marking the halfway point of the love planet’s retrograde cycle. In a muddled time, this is a moment of clarity—revealing something we need to know about our relationships, our money or our values.

Eclipse season kicks off with a lunar eclipse—an extra potent full moon—in Sagittarius on June 5. Sagittarius is a sign that’s all about adventure, philosophy and being a bit of a know-it-all. Eclipses bring endings and breakthroughs, and this one is sure to show that we have a lot left to learn.

Confusion abounds in the second half of the month as 2020’s second Mercury retrograde begins on June 18th. Retrogrades are a time to reflect and in the sign of Cancer, this one wants us to review how we care for ourselves and for our loved ones. The sun follows Mercury into Cancer on the 20th (happy birthday to our crabs!). And the total solar eclipse in Cancer on the 21st brings some encouragement to build better habits for ourselves on a foundational level.

The month ends with action planet Mars moving into its home sign of Aries on the 27th. This planetary shift is a huge energetic boost that has us going after what we want with gusto—it’s no wonder a strong leader like Queen Elizabeth was born with Mars in Aries. Mars usually stays in one sign for six weeks, but due to an upcoming retrograde, Mars remains in Aries through January 2021. There are bound to be some battles ahead, so we might as well keep calm and stay hydrated.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

2 gemini

This month, your ruling planet Mercury slows way down and retrogrades in the sign of Cancer. This highlights the part of your chart which represents your income, finances and values. Watch out for the lunar eclipse on the 5th which may bring an argument with your partner about shared resources. As Mercury stations retrograde on the 14th, you may be getting a lot of extra cash in, but make sure it isn’t immediately going right back out. Do you really need those clogs from an Instagram ad? If you focus on restructuring your budgets throughout the month, by the 30th, you have a clearer picture of what you have and where you’re at. These details may seem boring, but getting on top of them brings major relief.

Love Horoscope: Though Venus retrograde in your sign is helping you focus on yourself rather than others, the lunar eclipse on the 5th brings a dramatic ending or breakthrough to one of your relationships. Whether it’s a romantic proposal or a messy breakup, you’ve seen what’s coming for a long time. Your friends and your group threads are there to help you process.

Money Horoscope: You’ve got nothing but cash on your mind! The solar eclipse on the 21st may also bring either an influx of cash or an unfortunate pay cut. If you focus on savings early in the month, the shift in your income won’t be as overwhelming.

3 cancer

As a child of the moon, you’re especially affected by this month’s eclipses. The lunar eclipse on the 5th falls in your daily grind sector and may cause a major interruption in your workflow. Try to get your most annoying errands out of the way earlier in the week to avoid a headache later on. Your season begins on the 20th (happy birthday to you!) and the solar eclipse on the 21st leaves you feeling both inspired and self-conscious. You’re being challenged to be more vulnerable, so why not go with it?

Love Horoscope: On the 13th, as Mars meets up with illusion-master Neptune in Pisces, you are likely to get very caught up in a romantic fantasy. You’re bitter that your big trip was cancelled whether it was your honeymoon or a clandestine getaway to see a lover abroad. If you’re partnered, on the 30th, you need to make good on a promise you made to your boo back in April. Keep showing up for what matters.

Money Horoscope: Though things are mostly steady and quiet for you on the financial front this month, as Mars enters your career sector on the 27th, you get the urge to look for a new job or take the lead on a project. Try not to do too much extra work without being compensated. On the 28th, look for support from a network you’ve already built—coworkers or favorite clients—to keep moving ahead.

4 leo

As June begins, you are really flexing your social skills—holding distance hangs with friends, organizing a fundraiser on Zoom and fielding phone calls from distressed coworkers who are fed up with your boss. What feels pleasant on the 3rd starts irritating you on the 6th and becomes completely unmanageable by the 11th. You’re always a charmer but you need to reclaim some of your solitude. As the sun enters Cancer and your unconscious sector on the 20th, schedule a digital detox and step away from your phone. The solar eclipse on the 21st lets you know how strong your boundaries really are.

Love Horoscope: The lunar eclipse on the 5th highlights your romance sector and may put you in the center of some drama. If you’ve been flirting with a lot of hotties on the apps during quarantine, it might be time to finally go on a social distance date…or two…or three. If you’re not looking for love, do something artistic that makes a statement on this day instead.

Money Horoscope: On the 13th, you may get approved for refinancing or have your credit card limit unexpectedly raised, but talk to the right people and read the fine print before signing off on anything. The offer you receive may actually be too good to be true.

5 virgo

Communicative Mercury—your ruling planet—spends the entire month of June (and all of July as well) in the sensitive sign of Cancer, highlighting your social life and networking skills. Though so much of this month is public-facing, the lunar eclipse on the 5th brings your attention home. Whether there’s escalating drama with your family or your roommates, problems come to the surface so you can set better boundaries in your private space. Mercury stations retrograde on the 14th, and you notice that many old friends and acquaintances are coming back into your life. These people are reappearing so you can connect with a forgotten dream. And by the 30th, you feel open enough to pitch one of your craziest collaborative ideas.

Love Horoscope: A passionate fight with your partner on the 13th leads to even more passionate makeup sex. If you’re taken, you are spending a lot of this month catering to your boyfriend’s needs or taking on extra responsibilities while your wife works overtime. If you’re single, you may be caught in the comparison trap or feeling less-than. Try to remember to take time for yourself.

Money Horoscope: Work has been all over the place for the last few weeks, but on the 3rd, you may finally get a handle on all of your projects. On the 27th and 28th, as Mars moves into your shared resources sector, you start aggressively seeking new clients or a raise.

6 libra

With your ruling planet Venus still retrograde in the part of your chart that represents both higher learning and foreign travel, you are likely all caught up in expanding your knowledge and skills (cause let’s face it, you’re not getting on a plane anytime soon). On the 3rd, a new idea or practice that has been alluding you finally makes sense. Mercury stations retrograde on the 14th delaying an important meeting with your boss until later in the summer. Then Cancer season begins on the 20th and the solar eclipse on the 21st marks a climax for your professional life. Are you getting published? Promoted? Whatever it is, embrace the spotlight instead of running away.

Love Horoscope: As Mars shift into Aries on the 27th, your focus is directed at your partner (or seeking that partner!). If you’re single, you may feel extra blue about being left out of everyone’s fun. Focus on your own best qualities to avoid driving yourself crazy.

Money Horoscope: As you gain more status and respect, be sure you’re asking for the compensation you deserve. When Venus goes direct on the 25th, you’re able to see how much you’ve improved your status on a loan or your credit score recently. Keep chipping away at what you owe.

7 scorpio

Action planet Mars—your ruling planet—is still swimming through dreamy Pisces and your creativity sector at the top of the month. But all of the energy you’re putting into your personal desires upsets your partner on the 2nd and throws things off balance at work on the 6th. How can you go after what you want without getting in everyone else’s way? This all comes to a climax on the 13th when a romantic evening leaves you more exhausted than inspired. As Cancer season begins on the 20th, your sights are set on expanding your knowledge and worldview. And on the 21st, the solar eclipse brings some enlightening information about someone you look up to. Be careful whose lead you follow.

Love Horoscope: With emphasis on your romantic life, on the 13th, you might try out your first IRL social distance date. Go slow. It can be overwhelming to put yourself out there again. If you’re married, some stress around shared finances gets resolved around the 25th.

Money Horoscope: The lunar eclipse on the 5th falls in your money sector and likely brings some kind of shakeup to your income or finances. Whether it’s getting your hours cut at work or finally firing that stressful but lucrative client, this setback won’t be forever.

8 sagittarius

June begins with a bang for you as the lunar eclipse on the 5th falls in your sign. This super potent full moon might bring up some hidden insecurities or tender vulnerabilities. To feel less self-conscious, try taking some of the pressure off with an at-home spa day—exfoliation works! By later in the month, you’re definitely feeling more confident and on the 20th, you’re able to make some financial moves with the help of your family. On the 30th, a money matter that was set in motion back in April develops further. The seeds you planted are starting to sprout, but don’t rush. Continue to let them grow.

Love Horoscope: For most of the month, Venus retrograde is bringing you texts from ex-lovers and former bandmates, as well as serious conversations with your current partner about how to make your relationship work. As Mars enters Aries on the 27th, you start craving more romance, so plan some dates.

Money Horoscope: This month brings a lot of action to your shared resources sector. Mercury retrograde begins on the 14th (through July 11th) and may delay a check from a client or news about a loan until at least the 30th. If you’re married or have a business partner, the solar eclipse on the 21st brings a reality check to your joint bank account. Has someone been panic-shopping without replenishing the funds?


Most of this month may leave you feeling like you’re actually on another planet, dear Capricorn. Your ruling planet Saturn is retrograde in your finance sector, so working on budgets or simply shopping may bring you back to Earth. The lunar eclipse on the 5th is in your unconscious sector, which makes this an optimal time to finally let go—purge your closet, rip up that journal and throw out old records that are gathering dust in your closet. As Cancer season begins on the 20th, your focus shifts to your relationships and on the 21st, the solar eclipse is a moment to solidify or dissolve a commitment. If it’s not worth your time, let it go.

Love Horoscope: Cancer season brings lots of action to your committed partnerships—romantic, business or otherwise. Mercury retrograde—which begins on the 14th—brings attention to any communication issues you might have in the relationship. By the 30th, the messages are much clearer.

Money Horoscope: Money matters remain stable this month thanks to disciplined Saturn sitting still like an anchor in your finance sector. An opportunity to invest comes up between the 23rd and 25th, but better to collect information first. On the 28th though, you realize that you actually have enough savings to move or make major improvements to your house.

10 aquarius

As the month begins you are very caught up in romantic drama. And on the 3rd, you realize that your socially distanced friends with benefits situation is causing you more stress than pleasure. Your time may be better spent drawing, writing or getting back into cooking. Stretch your creative muscles so you don’t lose your grounding in yourself. When you desperately need a listening ear on the lunar eclipse on the 5th, you realize who your real friends are. The solar eclipse on the 21st brings unexpected shifts in your daily routine or an overwhelming amount of busy work. Cancer season is all about getting a handle on your routines, so put yourself in control.

Love Horoscope: Since May 13th, you’ve been getting back in touch with what really brings you pleasure. “Traditional dating” isn’t really an option in these times, so you’ve been exploring new ways of getting to know all those cuties on the apps. On the 25th, as Venus stations direct, you realize how much more comfortable you are putting yourself out there.

Money Horoscope: With Mars in your financial sector for most of the month, you may notice that all that money coming your way goes as quickly as it showed up in your bank account. If you’re itching to make a purchase on the 13th, wait it out. You may regret it in a few weeks when you come across a better sale.

11 pisces

Though Venus retrograde has you (re)considering a big move, delaying home improvements or generally caught up in your private life, the lunar eclipse on the 5th brings a climactic moment for your career. If you’ve been avoiding putting yourself out there for a new position, standing up to your boss or making moves on a job change, there’s no running away now. As far as your health, Mars has been in your sign since mid-May and you may have been inspired to work out harder and longer. Be careful of over-exerting yourself on the 13th when you may be prone to exhaustion. On the 30th, you continue a collaborative project with your friends or coworkers that you began back in early April. Whatever it is, keep working to inspire.

Love Horoscope: The solar eclipse on the 21st falls in your romance and creativity sector which may force you out of your shell and on some kind of date. Even if you’re meeting up via FaceTime rather than IRL, be proud of yourself for trying something new!

Money Horoscope: Mars moves into your money sector on the 27th, and if you’ve been feeling ambivalent about your cash flow, it’s time to get inspired. On the 28th, you get some solid advice from a friend of a friend about budgeting or making investments. With Mars in Aries for the next six months, you have a lot of time to try things out.

12 aries

For most of the month, your ruling planet Mars is hanging out in Pisces and your unconscious sector. What visions are coming to you in your dreams? All of those great, inspiring ideas peak as the action planet meets hazy Neptune on the 13th. How can you make these dreams into a reality? The solar eclipse on the 21st marks the end of a toxic family dynamic, creating better boundaries with your mom (maybe only two calls per day) or convincing your roommates that it’s time to give up the lease. Mars moves into your sign on the 27th and gives you a boost of energy and confidence. This shift can also give you an extremely sharp tongue, so be careful not to snap at too many of your friends and coworkers.

Love Horoscope: This month is not a particularly romantic one for you, dear Aries. But the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 5th is a time for you to let go of tired big picture views of the world and of yourself. Why put yourself in a box or stick to a plan when there’s so much more to explore?

Money Horoscope: Some good news about an overdue invoice or refund arrives on the 3rd. You’re finally getting paid! On the 30th, it’s time to take another leap on a career move you made back in early April. Schedule a private meeting with your boss or challenge yourself to pick up a few more freelance clients.

1 taurus

With your ruling planet Venus still retrograde at the top of the month, there are plenty of lessons left to learn about your finances and your values. On the 3rd, your checking balance proves it’s time to cut down on the takeout cocktails and unnecessary skincare products. When Venus stations direct on the 25th, you’re proud of how much you’ve actually saved. The solar eclipse on the 21st marks a turning point in your schedule and communications. What can you give up that’s taking up way too much of your time?

Love Horoscope: Though it’s mostly a quiet month on the love front, a confusing message or kind gesture from an ex throws you for a loop on the 13th. Remember that not everything is a sign. Some things are just chaos. So don’t do anything too sudden just because someone messages you out of the blue.

Money Horoscope: With Venus still retrograde, this month brings a lot of focus to your finances. The lunar eclipse on the 5th falls in your shared resources sector and likely brings some surprising news about a loan or investment. As far as work, if you’ve been prepping a big next step in your career (that may eventually lead to more cash), an auspicious time to initiate that is the 28th.

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