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In a perfect world, we’d never skip a workout and live happily ever after. But in the real world, fatigue, work, family responsibilities (and um, just general laziness) get in the way. This calls for a dose of inspiration. Find out how 14 fitness pros motivate themselves (hint: it includes bagels and croissants).

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“The feeling I get when I exercise is what serves as my motivation. There’s nothing better than feeling that first bead of sweat dripping from my face. That feeling just fuels my energy.”

-Ariel Hoffman, master trainer and director of program development at AKT inMotion in New York City

"I remember that I’m too smart to be the only one standing in my way."

-Hannah Marie Corbin, instructor at Peloton in New York City

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“I love occasional croissants and bagels. Yes, even as a fitness professional, I love carbs—who doesn't? Working out gives me the freedom to choose when I want to indulge during the holiday season.”

-Juliana Estrella, trainer and CPT at Rumble Boxing in New York City

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"I always think to myself, ‘the camera adds ten pounds,’ and it works every time."

-Pete Sers, trainer at modelFIT in L.A.

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Kiesha Ramey-Presner

“I think about how much harder that first class back gets with every day I skip.”

-Kiesha Ramey-Presner, master instructor at Bar Method in San Francisco

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“It's easy to get stuck going through the motions at the gym and calling it a day. If you go there with specific goals, you'll be extra motivated. Right now, mine is to gain muscle, so I focus on strength training at the gym and lift heavy weights.”

-Jason Tran, instructor at SWERVE Fitness in New York City

“I put on a brand-new playlist that I haven't listened to yet and set aside a time early in the morning like it’s a meeting I can’t miss.”

-Jacqueline Kasen, body architect at Anatomy at 1220 in Miami

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“Following a program keeps me accountable and on track. Going to the gym without a plan can be like taking a test you didn’t prepare for.”

-Patrick Frost, trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in Miami Beach

“As busy as we are, you can squeeze in a half hour—or ten minutes three times a day—if it’s a priority. Most of the time, people just let their own fatigue get in the way. My advice is to keep things short, concise and aggressive.”

-Noah Neiman, instructor and co-founder at Rumble Boxing in New York City

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“I focus on getting myself moving and push through my first few sets. Getting started is always the toughest part. Once my adrenaline kicks in, it’s smooth sailing.”

-Marc Megna, body architect and co-owner of Anatomy at 1220 in Miami

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“I work out to eat and I eat to work out. It’s my own little symbiotic relationship.” 

-Keely Ahrold, trainer at modelFIT in Los Angeles

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"I remind myself that if someone told me that I only had one more day, you know I’d be dancing every second…so live like it’s your last day and you’ll never regret not getting sweaty."

-Deena Robertson, instructor and co-founder of Modo Yoga in Los Angeles

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"All I have to do is blast my favorite song in my bass-boosting headphones and my body can't help but move!"

-Joie Ruggiero, trainer at modelFIT in Los Angeles

“I think of the finish line and how good I will feel at the end of my workout. I also remind myself that the workouts I don't want to do usually end up being the best ones because I have to push myself that much more.”

-Kellie Sikorski, trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in Miami Beach

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