Here’s What Bird Bakery’s Elizabeth Chambers Hammer Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Fabulous

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer wears many hats: Bakery owner (of Bird Bakery in Dallas and San Antonio), TV personality and red-carpet fixture (on the arm of her equally beautiful husband, Armie). So when we got the opportunity to ask her about what she eats in a day, we jumped at the chance. (Psst: Boozy cupcakes are involved.) 

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7:00 A.m.

“Every morning, the first thing I drink is my beloved kombucha. I drink two or three every day, and have for 16 years. I made it myself before they sold it in stores and can’t imagine life without it.”


10:00 A.m.

“Every morning, I make plant-based smoothies for myself and my family to go with their breakfast. I’m inspired by the smoothie recipes on my friend Catherine McCord’s Weelicious blog, and love that it’s an easy way to squeeze in extra nutrients. My husband usually makes an omelet for breakfast (he’s the omelet master) along with fruit, salmon, or avocado or peanut butter toast—something similar for himself and the kids. My breakfast is whatever they don’t eat! When I have time to eat breakfast, huevos rancheros are my favorite. I usually try to go healthier with a corn tortilla, or by substituting the tortilla with extra avocados. And I can’t live without my hot sauce.”


“For lunch, I love smoked salmon on toast points, dairy-free butternut squash soup or Bird Bakery dairy-free tomato basil soup. I don’t avoid dairy, but I prefer not to have it in my soup. I was eating a ton of salads a few years ago, but my naturopath in London convinced me to choose nutrient-dense soups over salads, and I’ve had so much more energy ever since.”


3:00 P.m.

“I’m a major snacker, and basically graze throughout the day. Berries, roasted seaweed and raw almonds are my go-tos.”

5:00 P.m.

“For dinner, we make a lot of cedar-planked wild salmon at our house. My husband and I have cook-offs and each of us votes for ourselves, so it’s always a tie. We also love wine, spicy margaritas and lots of sides. We always have a full house, so the more dinner options, the better.”

7:00 P.m.

“I have a sweet tooth, so I love to end the night with a delicious treat. I like to make our Bird Bakery cakes or cupcakes, with our favorite, homemade vanilla Blue Bell ice cream. Currently on the menu is my Valentine’s Day-inspired Baileys Love Bird Jar, which is topped with a Baileys Strawberries & Cream-infused buttercream for a delightful pink treat. (It’s on sale through February 17 at both Bird Bakery locations as well as nationwide via Bird Bakery’s website. You can also check out the recipe for the buttercream here.)