Here’s What Peloton Instructor Ally Love Eats in a Day (And It Involves Doughnuts)

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In our humble opinion, Ally Love has the best job(s), the best hair and the best name. If you’re a Peloton fan, you probably recognize her as the cult-favorite cycling instructor who kicks your butt every Sunday afternoon. If you’ve never touched a stationary bike, you might also know her as the founder and CEO of Love Squad, a lifestyle brand set on empowering women to unleash their inner boss. And if that wasn’t enough, you might have even seen her courtside hyping it up as the host of NYC’s very own Brooklyn Nets. So, how does the 34-year-old stay fueled and focused for her many (many) roles? From a three-part breakfast to a doughy dessert, here’s everything Ally Love eats in day to look and feel incredible.

9 Items Ally Love Always Has in Her Bag


To start her day, “I'll drink a BODYARMOR SportWater as soon as I get up,” which is normally around 5:45 a.m. when us mortals are still sound asleep. After an early-bird workout at home around 6:30 a.m., she’s ready for something with a little more substance. “After my workout, I’ll usually have celery juice or a green juice around 7:45 a.m.” Her current go-to green includes kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon and ginger. “After that, I’ll give my body about 30 minutes, then go and have an almond-based Kite Hill yogurt with granola or a breakfast smoothie.” Lucky for us, her signature smoothie recipe is as simple as they come: yogurt, banana, blueberries, cinnamon, dates and almond milk. If she needs an extra boost or has a long day ahead, Love will sometimes swap her smoothie for a protein shake made up of, “plain yogurt, vegan protein powder and a little coconut water blended up.”

After that, she steeps some tea to go. “I usually carry tea with me throughout the morning, either walking around the house during quarantine or even to the Peloton studios.” After that, “as a snack, I’ll usually have an apple with a little bit of almond butter or a handful of mixed nuts,” to help her stay focused and satiated till lunchtime.


“For lunch, anywhere between 11:45 a.m. and 12:45 a.m., I normally have a Sakara Life salad—something that's made up of all whole foods with little to no nightshades.” Love loves the healthy lunch options at Sakara Life because “it's all locally sourced and it's all vegan and plant-based.” If she’s on-the-go, Love will also sometimes swing by Sweetgreen to pick up a salad or grain bowl. “I actually created a salad with Sweetgreen,” she shares. As part of the fast-casual restaurant’s new Crispy Collection menu, “it’s made up of crispy rice, avocado, tofu, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and lime over romaine lettuce with a vinaigrette dressing.”


“In the afternoon around 2 p.m., I’ll have a young coconut water, and then if it’s a long one and I’m really hungry,” like on days when she’s training thousands of users on the Peloton app, “I’ll have another snack,” typically cucumbers or carrots with hummus, “somewhere around 4:15 p.m. I love a good hummus. My favorite is probably lemon-pepper.”


When it comes to dinner, the fitness influencer can’t help but give credit to her new fiancé, Andrew Haynes. “I don't eat red meat often, but I enjoy it when I do, so if it's the weekend and we're celebrating something Andrew will make us a steak with spinach and a mixed rice or rice pilaf. He makes the best steaks, so this is a staple celebratory meal in our house. On a regular night, my go-to is a curry,” either chicken, fish or channa, which is a chickpea curry, “with some naan bread and white rice or potatoes and a mixed vegetable,” putting our frozen TJ’s channa masala to absolute shame.


“For dessert, I would either have a doughnut—glazed doughnuts my favorite—or a Vanilla Kite Hill yogurt,” which she notes is a common healthy dessert snack.

“Saturday’s are my rest days, so on the weekends I’ll make lemon blueberry pancakes for breakfast and have a doughnut in the evening.” And even though she’s down to indulge, don’t you dare call it the “C” word. “It’s not my cheat day, I don’t call it a cheat day. Eating is so personal, and if we're doing it mindfully then that's all that matters. Variety is essential to our bodies and our overall health. We should be proud of what we eat,” doughnuts and all.

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