16 Editors on the One Trader Joe’s Product They Can’t Live Without

We would truly be lost and hangry without TJ’s in our lives. From seasonal snacks to suppertime staples, our pantries would be depressingly bare if he weren’t there to fill them up with cauliflower gnocchipancake bread and an endless supply of free samples. Here, our editors reveal the one Trader Joe’s product they simply *cannot* live without.

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trader joes bamba peanut snacks
Trader Joe’s

Bamba Peanut Snacks

“They are 99 cents a bag and are kind of addictive for my toddler. They also are a great way to test a baby's peanut allergy—we've been giving them to him since he was 9 months old.” - Rachel Bowie, director, special projects

Trader Joe’s ($0.99)

Organic Creamy Cashew Fiesta Dip

“My sister is vegan and she introduced me to this new dairy-free queso from Trader Joe's. I know, it sounds kind of weird to have cheeseless queso, but it changed my life and I'm not even vegan. It's creamy, tastes identical to other real cheese dips and pairs perfectly with their plantain chips. I keep one on hand at all times for a quick snack and feel less horrible about eating it than I do going in on the real full-lactose kind.” - Brianna Lapolla, editor

Trader Joe’s ($3.49)

Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts

“After commuting home from work, the last thing I want to do is cook a huge meal so I'm always looking for foods that are good for my air fryer and these fit the bill. They cook in under 15 minutes and are super crispy and flavorful. They also don't look or taste ‘fake’ when you bite into them. Are they processed? Yeah, probably. But I feel better about eating these from Trader Joe's than some of the other brands out there.” - Rachel Gulmi, associate managing editor

Trader Joe’s ($7.49)

trader joes oatmeal soap bar
Trader Joe’s

Ginger Almond Oatmeal Exfoliant Soap

“Smells incredible, makes my skin feel soft and the bar is sizable so it lasts a long time.” - Jenny Jin, senior beauty editor

Trader Joe’s ($2.99)

trader joes scandinavian swimmers
Trader Joe’s

Scandinavian Swimmers

“They're like a more delicious version of the usual fish gummies. Orange, huckleberry, mango-peach and berry-flavored sea creatures? What's not to love? (Also they've got a new sour version that I'm dying to get my hands on.)” - Katherine Gillen, associate food editor

Trader Joe’s ($2.99)

Garlic Spread Dip

“Mine is the Trader Joe's Garlic Spread. It has a super strong garlic flavor, but is ultra creamy and so tasty. I love adding it to red sauce or eating it with semi sweet jicama, plus it's vegan, which rocks since I'm one too!” - Corley Miller, manager, people operations

“For anyone who's had cult-favorite Zankou Chicken in L.A. and lost sleep over how damn good that secret garlic sauce is, you'll be happy to know that TJ's actually sells their own version that's pretty on point. Dip everything Pretzel Slims in it or elevate a rotisserie chicken. (Have breath mints on hand.)” - Dara Katz, senior editor

Trader Joe’s ($2.99)

trader joes channa masala
Trader Joe's

Channa Masala

“I fully take credit for introducing TJ’s frozen Channa Masala to the masses (aka my coworkers). It makes up about 3/5 of my weekly lunches and I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that.” - Catrina Yohay, associate managing editor

Trader Joe’s ($2.29)

Nutritional Yeast

“I know, I know, Trader Joe's has the best cheese selection, like, ever. But if you and dairy aren't a great match, nutritional yeast is a shockingly good substitute for Parmesan. Plus, TJ's version is way, way cheaper than the nutritional yeast you can get in other grocery stores. So delicious on top of pasta or scrambled eggs.” - Sarah Stiefvater, editor

Trader Joe’s ($2.99)

Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce

“This stuff is a multitasking wonder. Toss it on some Brussels sprouts before throwing them in the oven. Add some balsamic for a salad dressing. And obviously, slather it on bread to make a basic sandwich feel like it came from a fancy French café.” – Carolyn Stanley, senior editor

Trader Joe’s ($2.49)

Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend

“Elevates everything from sunny-side eggs and avo toast to tomato soup and smoked salmon (and I'd be devastated if it were to be discontinued).” - Roberta Fiorito, news editor

“I'm basic, but I like the 'Everything but the Bagel' seasoning. I kept seeing the craze all over the place and finally decided to buy it. Now, I put it on everythingggg (get it?).” – Chelsea Candelario, editorial assistant

Trader Joe’s ($1.99)

trader joes zhoug sauce
Trader Joe’s

Zhoug Sauce

“It makes everyday scrambled eggs super-duper fancy, ridiculously tasty, and blows the pj's off of overnight guests. Oh, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Because I like to reward myself for being me.” - Mary Kate McGrath, chief content officer

Trader Joe’s ($2.99)

Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion With Spf 15

"This formula from Trader Joe's has been my go-to moisturizer for like five years now. I love how it leaves my face feeling hydrated, without feeling heavy or greasy." – Kara Cuzzone, assistant commerce editor

Trader Joe’s ($3.99)

trader joes spiced chai concentrate
Trader Joe’s

Spiced Chai Black Tea Concentrate

“This guy comes in a 16oz bottle and makes four servings (although I've definitely gotten six to eight out of one bottle). Add milk or water for a cinnamon-flavored tea/latte that tastes like the Starbucks version but costs an eighth of the price.” - Alexandra Hough, assistant editor

Trader Joe’s ($2.49)

Eggplant Garlic Spread With Sweet Red Peppers

“This eggplant garlic red pepper spread is literally the only thing I buy from Trader Joe's. I will absolutely go out of my way to stock up on it.” - Abby Hepworth, associate editor

Trader Joe’s ($2.99)

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