The Beach You Should Visit This Summer, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Time to hit the beach! But this summer, do you want to find yourself in tune with the planets as well as the ocean? Then head to the sandy shores that appeal to the particular strengths (and quirks) of your astrological sign. Here are the best Los Angeles beaches to visit, according to the zodiac.

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point dume vista
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Gemini: Point Dume, Malibu

An air sign wants to be above it all, and none more so than the self-confident communicator Gemini. Point Dume appeals to your dramatic nature, with a cliff that juts out into the Pacific, as well as your love of pop culture (just over the cliff is where Charlton Heston discovered a buried Statue of Liberty in the climax of the classic 1968 film Planet of the Apes). And whether strolling or sunbathing, media-savvy Geminis appreciate the picturesque cliffs as a great Instagram backdrop.

paradise cove beach
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Cancer: Paradise Cove Beach

Rued by the moon (the celestial body that represents comfort and self-care), you like nothing more than relaxing by the beach and enjoying a good meal with friends and family, Cancer. So the sweet little beach called Paradise Cove is your Platonic ideal. There’s a stretch of sand dotted with beach chairs and funky painted signs in front of a restaurant that serves a pleasant brunch, and when there are waves, they’re gentle enough for all ages. Plus, tide pools form to the side of the beach, in case you want to find some real crabs.

nicholas canyon beach1
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Leo: Nicholas Canyon Beach

Leo, you like to have it your way, which in beach terms means not too many crowds and lots of options for roaming and playing. That’s Nicholas Canyon Beach, one of the least-visited mile-long beaches in Malibu, where lots of parking, picnic tables and a perfect point break, plus 23 acres of sand, give you all the beachy choices you (and your beloved family) could ever want.

el matador beach

Virgo: El Matador Beach

Soulful Virgo, you enjoy your solitude, so one of the small pocket coves of Malibu, like El Matador, is calling your name. As an earth sign, you’ll find the craggy caves and boulders dotting the shoreline fascinating, as well as appreciate the small parking area on top of the bluffs—fewer people to get in between you and the roar of the crashing waves. (Not to mention how this stretch of sandy is one of the cleaner ones in the city—something neat-freak Virgo will definitely appreciate.)


Libra: Pirates Cove

Libra, you’re a sucker for a beautiful image. Ruled by Venus, the planet that’s all about art and aesthetics, you want to relax in a gorgeous place that’s as balanced as the scales that represent your sign. This little hidden cove, best enjoyed at low tide, is on the west side of Point Dume in Malibu. Steep cliffs, a graceful curve of beachfront and the feeling of accomplishment in having your own little slice of the Pacific appeal to your discerning nature.

beach gate
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Scorpio: Escondido Beach

A Scorpio loves authenticity—and what’s more real than sinking your toes into the sand and staring out into the ocean? This fixed water sign babe’s mind is always going-going-going, and your management skills are in high gear whether it’s family activities or professional goals. A quiet beach like this one, accessible via a blink-and-you-miss-it gate along PCH, is a great place to balance your go-getter nature by engaging in a board game with a pal and then trying meditation, assisted by the roar of the waves.

redondo beach

Sagittarius: Redondo Beach

Friendly, optimistic and energetic: This describes Sagittarians as well as Redondo Beach, the little beachside town that has retained its small-town feel even as beachfront real estate prices have soared. A pleasant, not overcrowded stretch of flat sand, its claim to fame is that this is where Hawaiian George Freeth brought the traditional Polynesian art of surfing to the mainland. He also introduced water polo and the lifeguard’s torpedo-shaped rescue buoy. Whatever. Redondo is just a great spot to relax, chill out and watch the world go by. And since Sags are the most likely sign in the zodiac to get easily bored, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of things here to keep you entertained, from interesting art galleries and cute ice cream shops to sailing, fishing and whale watching.

manhattan beach
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Capricorn: Manhattan Beach

You wily sea goat: You’ve got a surefootedness about you, tons of energy and a lot of spring in your step. So Capricorns are perfectly matched to Manhattan Beach, which has around a hundred sand volleyball nets for pick-up games (or tournaments, to appeal to your competitive side). Your dedication will have you owning games in no time (just don’t let your competitive nature takes over the sand), and you’ll want to train on the 22-mile-long bike trail behind the beach that connects Santa Monica to Torrance.

venice beach skate

Aquarius: Venice Beach

Don’t worry, Aquarius—no one wants to make you follow rules on Venice Beach. There are plenty of free thinkers roaming the boardwalk, ready to entertain or engage you. And you’ll love the crowds that come to take it all in (you scene maker, you). Enjoy the oceanside skate park—its crew is as fluid as you are, water bearer. Just be sure to remember to actually stroll down to the gorgeous waterfront, even with all that other stuff distracting you.

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hunt beach

Pisces: Huntington Beach

The consummate water sign wants a beach that’s big (9.5 miles long), beautiful (how about that 1,000-foot-long pier built in 1904?) and all about mastering waves (aka surfing). The U.S. Open of Surfing is typically held here every summer on the south side of the pier, but all year round, surfers test their skills on some of the best breaks in the state. And though this isn’t technically in L.A. but in Orange County, a true Piscean won’t mind a few extra miles’ drive for the ultimate water-worshipping experience. For a beach that’s just as dreamy as you are, look no further fish friend.

dog beach

Aries: Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach

Aries is a high-energy sign that’s always up for adventure, so your perfect seaside spot isn’t one that’s all about supine sunbathing. It’s about dogs—yapping, running, splashing dogs that are off-leash and liable to jump up on strangers or go for a swim along this four-acre area. It’s the most popular legal off-leash beach dog run in L.A. County, so have at it. Just be careful with your runaway pooches, because it’s not fenced.

santa monica beach night1

Taurus: Santa Monica Beach

You’re a family-first kind of woman, and you stubbornly want it all: convenience, activities, room to splash around and a guaranteed good time, dammit. That’s what you’ll get in Santa Monica, so no need to stamp your pretty little hoof about it, Taurus. The pier has an arcade and rides for all ages (as well as an iconic Ferris wheel). The long, flat beach sits right up against a massive parking lot, the better for dragging your beach gear to and from the car. And at the end of a long day of keeping your spawn from breathing water, for the sign who’s all about sensory pleasures, there’s killer sangria waiting at some of the better pier restaurants.

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