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Printing a photo off your iPhone? No biggie. But what about instantly printing an image off your phone? Still not impressed? OK. How about instantly printing a literal video right off your phone? Yeah, that caught our attention, too. Enter: Prynt, the futuristic instant camera for iPhone and Android.

So how does it work? First, select a video; then connect your phone to Prynt. The device spits out a tiny Polaroid-like picture that contains a still from the video. And here’s where the magic happens: If you scan your phone over the hard-copy photograph using the Prynt app, the video of the image will play on your screen. (We know, it’s basically real-life Hogwarts art.)

Whoa, is it really magic? Pretty much. It’s a technology called AR (augmented reality) that overlays a sort of code on top of the image that tells your phone it’s a video. (Like we said: magic.)

How much does it cost? The Prynt Pocket will set you back about $150. But, hey, can you really put a price on that adorable vid of your nine-month-old dipping his feet in the ocean for the first time? Gran-gran definitely doesn’t think so. And she wants it on her fridge, stat. 

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