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These days, there’s an app for just about everything. (Cat Paint? We’ll pass.) So how do you choose which ones are actually worth your coveted home-screen space? Lucky for you, we found the five best apps for 2017. Download now, thank us later.

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best apps aaptiv


Just when we thought this whole “resolutions” thing was going to be a challenge, this app brings the fitness class to your phone. For $10 a month, users can select any type of workout, from the treadmill to yoga and everything in between. The tailored experience (depending on level of difficulty and duration) is also accompanied by a customized playlist and trainer’s voice that motivates you to keep those knees up. 

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best apps photoscan

Google PhotoScan

Old-school family photo albums are great, but wouldn’t it be nice to back them up digitally (and, OK, post some amazing #tbts)? With a few taps, this app digitizes and organizes your parents’ “I Do’s” while reducing glare and improving overall quality.

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best apps level money


Budgeting apps can get complicated, but Level breaks it down using an appealing and straightforward interface. Plug in your paycheck, monthly bills and other spending, and the app calculates how much you can spend each day to stay on track with saving goals. Spend over your daily limit, and the next day’s spending is diminished. Total incentive to skip your afternoon latte.

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best apps yummly


Cooking for a family of picky eaters? Filter recipes by allergies, diet and cooking time, then search through thousands of recipes that meet your criteria. Best of all, ingredients will be added to your in-app shopping list for easy access at the grocery store.

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best apps televisiontime
Television Time

Television Time

Want to be alerted when Stranger Things season 2 comes out? This app works like a DVR for all your shows (including Netflix, Amazon and Hulu) by keeping track of dates, times and episode releases, all in one place. 

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