From Cleaning to Finances, These 20 Self-Help Podcasts Will Make You Better at Life

Did you forget all about that New Year’s resolution to finally learn how to invest or start training for a 10K? Don’t wait until next January to half-heartedly promise yourself the same thing: Take half an hour right now to listen to one of these insightful self-help podcasts instead. See? You’re making progress already.

22 Motivational Podcasts to Add to Your Queue When You Need a Little Oomph in Your Day

Sex And Love

self help podcasts savage lovecast
Savage Lovecast/Audible

1. Savage Lovecast

Seasoned sex-advice columnist Dan Savage isn’t afraid to take a deep dive into what goes on (and what doesn’t) in the bedroom. You can profit from his wisdom in matters of the heart (or loins, as it were) when you listen to him tell it like it is on the Savage Lovecast—a call-in advice podcast that’s both insightful and uproariously funny (and never prudish). Bonus: If you’re Lovecast-curious, you can start listening to micro episodes for free before upgrading to a magnum subscription.

self help podcasts where should we begin
Where Should We Begin?/Audible

2. Where Should We Begin?

This one allows you to listen in on real, unscripted consultations of anonymous couples with the Belgian-born psychologist, whom you may remember from the 2015 TED Talk “Rethinking Infidelity.” Unlike Savage Lovecast, Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin? offers a glimpse into relationships from both sides, and not exclusively the stuff that happens between the sheets. Even if you’re not personally dealing with the same dysfunctions, hearing these couples work out their issues (or not) in this ten-part series can help anyone sympathize a little more with the loved ones in their lives.


self help podcasts ask a clean person
Jolie Kerr

3. Ask A Clean Person

Cleaning expert Jolie Kerr advises on a wide range of simple tasks you haven’t yet mastered (like caring for your pricey denim or cleaning up after your dog) and things you’re simply too embarrassed to ask. No matter how tidy you keep your bathroom, you’ll undoubtedly pick up a tip or two from the listener's questions on the weekly Ask a Clean Person.

self help podcasts a slob comes clean
Dana White

4. A Slob Comes Clean

If you’d rather get your cleaning advice from somebody who doesn’t naturally excel at staying neat and tidy, Dana K. White is your girl. On her podcast A Slob Comes Clean she shares cleaning and organization tips that actually work in real life. (In other words, her advice doesn’t require that you have enough time to make a career out of keeping your home nice.) Best of all, her style is refreshingly down-to-earth and peppered with irreverent humor to ensure that the program is both informative and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

Personal Growth

self help podcasts what it takes
What It Takes

5. What It Takes

Tune into What it Takes whenever you are in need of some serious inspo to keep pursuing your biggest aspirations: This thoughtful and fascinating podcast is devoted to exploring the achievements of some of the most remarkable folks in every field, and from every walk of life. Previous guests have included baseball legend Hank Aaron, talk show host Larry King, singer Judy Collins and Pulitzer Prize-winning photo-journalist Carol Guzy. Each episode of the podcast features the personal stories and insights of a different awe-inspiring individual, pieced together with interviews from the American Academy of Achievement. Suffice it to say that one listen will make you want to be your best self.

self help podcasts the challengers
The Challengers with Amy Brenneman/Apple

6. The Challengers With Amy Brenneman

A moving podcast that’s sure to empower you whenever you start to feel like a victim of circumstance—The Challengers with Amy Brenneman features intimate stories from people who have been met with all manner of challenges—illness, debt, infertility (to name a few)—and managed to conquer them. The takeaway? This program serves as a weekly reminder that you aren't alone in facing hardship (big or small)—and the things that bring you down might ultimately reveal your promise and personal strengths.

self help podcasts the marie forleo
The Marie Forleo Podcast

7. The Marie Forleo Podcast

The Marie Forleo Podcast is all about helping you make your life better, in more ways than one. The content covers a broad range of topics, including financial stability, health and wellness, creativity, giving back, know, the stuff of happiness. Bottom line: The programming is diverse enough to keep you coming back for more, and Marie Forleo—who Oprah lauds as a ‘thought leader’—is full of actionable advice when it comes to keeping your life on the up and up.

Health And Nutrition

self help podcasts just one more
Joanna Shaw Flamm and Daphnie Yang

8. Just One More

Join writer/performer Joanna Shaw Flamm and personal trainer/nutrition counselor Daphnie Yang every Monday on Just One More for a real-time wellness chat for “people who still eat bread.” Besides offering tangible tips on topics like preventing and recovering from injuries, meal planning and grocery shopping, and staying healthy during business travel, the co-hosts touch upon more sensitive subjects, like couples therapy, body shaming and emotional eating.

self help podcasts cut the fat
Cut the Fat

9. Cut The Fat

In contrast to some of the more varied content featured in other health and wellness podcasts, the focus here is a little narrower—namely, how to achieve your weight-loss goals. That said, Cut the Fat really nails it with a program that includes conversations with doctors and various experts who weigh in on the most effective weight-loss methods, discuss the latest dieting trends and debunk the bogus ones so you can keep your facts straight and stay healthy as you work towards your ideal body.

Jobs And Career

self help podcasts how to be awesome at your job
Pete Mockaitis

10. How To Be Awesome At Your Job

No matter whether you’re an intern or a CFO, there’s always room for improvement. Enter Pete Mockaitis, “trainer-in-chief” and host of How to Be Awesome at Your Job, where he chats several times a week with psychologists, consultants, venture capitalists and others to survive office politics, deal with difficult colleagues, supercharge productivity and more. Too busy killing it at work to listen to an episode? Just register for the Golden Nugget newsletter, which boils it down to the top takeaway from each interview.

self help podcasts superwomen
Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff/Spotify

11. Superwomen With Rebecca Minkoff

It’s not hard to be inspired by the revolving cast of incredible guests on Superwomen, a podcast hosted by fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff that features the success stories of females in every field—from visual art to entrepreneurship. This one is a particularly rewarding listen because Minkoff is committed to keeping it real, and her guests are similarly genuine, readily sharing the good, bad and ugly of the balancing act they manage while striving for (and achieving) success at what they love.

self help podcasts how i built this
How I Built This/NPR

12. How I Built This

How I Built This—another podcast that serves up inspiration weekly—is an NPR program in which the host Guy Raz, speaks with entrepreneurs from across the globe (most recently the co-founder of JetBlue) and mines them for their secrets to success and some of the hurdles they encountered along the way. This one is full of fodder for your biggest dreams.

self help podcasts so money
SO Money/Sticher

13. So Money

Farnoosh Torabi, an award-winning financial strategist and bestselling author, hosts this decidedly smart podcast on successful money management and all the (many) intersecting topics (think: race, gender and disability). Of course, there’s also lots of general knowledge on offer here—a recent episode covered everything from the merits of paying for life insurance to the most tax-efficient ways to invest.

self help podcasts the fairer cents
The Fairer Cents/Stitcher

14. The Fairer Cents

If you’re looking for financial advice from the lens of a more feminist perspective, The Fairer Cents will be right up your alley. This podcast focuses on speaking the truth about the less-than-desirable economic realities that women and other marginalized groups often experience. Hosts Tanja Hester and Kara Perez fearlessly tackle hot-button socio-economic issues including the wage gap, emotional labor and the economics of motherhood, while proffering actionable advice to empower all the unsung heroes who keep the economy going without their voices being heard.


self help podcasts on being
Krista Tippett Public Productions

15. On Being

Whether you’re a strict Shabbat observer or a lifelong atheist, you’ve probably ruminated on human existence. That’s exactly what Krista Tippett, who was awarded the National Humanities Medal, explores on the Peabody-winning On Being. The weekly podcast features a wide-ranging array of guests to discuss the complexities of life, such as resilience after loss with Sheryl Sandberg.

self help podcasts oprahs supersoul conversations
Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations/Apple

16. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations

In true Oprah style, this podcast serves up a generous helping of empowerment and relatability—all in the context of said superstar hosting thought-provoking discussions on all things human with spiritual luminaries and psychologists alike. The takeaway? If you want to go soul-searching and come back feeling warm and fuzzy, Oprah is the way to go.


self help podcasts the motherhood sessions
Alexandra Sacks

17. The Motherhood Sessions

In The Motherhood Sessions, acclaimed reproductive psychologist Dr. Alexandra Sacks has hard-hitting conversations with real mothers who—in opening up about the vulnerabilities, doubts and joys—paint a raw portrait of parenthood that’s at once heart-wrenching and incredibly relatable. Parents should tune in for a dose of intimacy and humanity that’s sure to resonate.

self help podcasts cool moms
Elise R Peterson

18. Cool Moms

Many women struggle with the uncomfortable identity shift that comes after having a child, and Cool Moms is a podcast that’s devoted to helping those women find themselves again. In her own words, host Elise R Peterson created this interview-based podcast to “highlight mothers who prioritize both their passions and parenting.” If you’re in search of balance and empowerment, this podcast has your back.

Mental Health

self help podcasts the chasing joy
The Chasing Joy Podcast/Apple

19. The Chasing Joy Podcast

The host of this program is upfront about her mental health struggles (among which are a bipolar diagnosis and an eating disorder) and encourages listeners to find happiness and accept themselves no matter what they’re coping with. Honest and self-aware, this one really is a joy to listen to.

self help podcasts the sober guy
That Sober Guy

20. That Sober Guy

Anyone in recovery from addiction will readily relate to the no-holes-barred style and humorous tone of this podcast, which also happens to be replete with invaluable advice on adjusting to a new lifestyle and, above all, staying sober.

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