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Did you forget all about that New Year’s resolution to finally learn how to invest or start training for a 10K? Don’t wait until January to half-heartedly promise yourself the same thing: Take half an hour right now to listen to one of these insightful podcasts. See? You’re making progress already.

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NY selfhelp podcasts LIST1
Jolie Kerr


Cleaning expert Jolie Kerr advises on simple tasks you haven’t yet mastered (like caring for your pricey denim or cleaning up after your dog) and things you’re simply too embarrassed to ask. No matter how tidy you keep your bathroom, you’ll undoubtedly pick up a tip or two from the listener questions on the weekly Ask a Clean Person.

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NY selfhelp podcasts LIST2
Krista Tippett Public Productions


Whether you’re a strict Shabbat observer or a lifelong atheist, you’ve probably ruminated on the human existence. That’s exactly what Krista Tippett, who was awarded the National Humanities Medal, explores on the Peabody-winning On Being. The weekly podcast features a wide-ranging array of guests to discuss the complexities of life, such as resilience after loss with Sheryl Sandberg. 

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NY selfhelp podcasts LIST3
Joanna Shaw Flamm & Daphnie Yang

Health and Nutrition

Join writer/performer Joanna Shaw Flamm and personal trainer/nutrition counselor Daphnie Yang every Monday on Just One More for a real-time wellness chat for “people who still eat bread.” Besides offering tangible tips on topics like preventing and recovering from injuries, meal planning and grocery shopping, and staying healthy during business travel, the co-hosts touch upon more sensitive subjects, like couples therapy, body shaming and emotional eating.

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NY selfhelp podcasts LIST4


Unlike Savage Lovecast or Dear Prudence (which are also great), Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin? offers a glimpse into a couple’s relationship from both sides. Listen in on real, unscripted consultations of anonymous couples with the Belgian-born psychologist, whom you may remember from the 2015 TED Talk “Rethinking Infidelity.” Even if you’re not personally dealing with the same dysfunctions, hearing these couples work out their issues (or not) in this ten-part series can help anyone sympathize a little more with the loved ones in their lives.

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NY self help podcast LIST5
Pete Mockaitis


No matter whether you’re an intern or a CFO, there’s always room for improvement. Enter Pete Mockaitis, “trainer-in-chief” and host of How to Be Awesome at Your Job, where he chats several times a week with psychologists, consultants, venture capitalists and others to survive office politics, deal with difficult colleagues, supercharge productivity and more. Too busy killing it at work to listen to an episode? Just register for the Golden Nugget newsletter, which boils it down to the top takeaway from each interview. 

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NY selfhelp podcasts moneygirl


Overwhelmed by your student debt or trying to decide how to best save for your golden years? Check out Money Girl’s short and sweet episodes (usually between 20 and 30 minutes). Learn how to choose accounts for your retirement, figure out what getting a dog or a cat will actually cost you and spot warning signs of identity theft, among a plethora of other advice financial expert Laura Adams has been doling out in more than 500 (and counting) episodes.

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