13 Podcasts that Can Help Us Learn About Race and Racism in America

These are troubling times for many Americans. And though blatant racism and prejudice are an enormous problem today, they are something that Black Americans have been dealing with for centuries. From slavery to mass incarceration to police brutality, there are many issues that have affected Black people and unfortunately continue to play a role in their lives. As many take to the streets to protest, donate to organizations fighting for change, share content on social media or grab a book to learn about how to become a better ally, it has become clear we must continue to educate ourselves about the past and use that knowledge to shape our mindset and actions for the future. Here are 13 podcasts to help us learn about race and understand the many ways racism remains prevalent in America.

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podcasts about race codeswitch

1. code Switch

NPR’s Code Switch breaks down race and identity and its impact on the world. Hosted by journalists of color, this podcast uses storytelling to help listeners understand how race shapes politics, pop culture and many mediums in ways we’ve never realized. Each episode dissects race issues and cultural shifts, tackling the uncomfortable conversations head on.

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podcasts about race the nod
The Nod

2. the Nod

Learn about Black history that you might’ve missed in school. From the golden era of Black television to what you probably didn’t know about Josephine Baker, Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings dive into the many layers of Black life.

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podcasts about race the stoop
The Stoop

3. the Stoop

Two journalists break down what it means to be Black. The Stoop shares powerful stories and celebrates the resilience of Black people. You’ll find an episode per month, but when you spend 30 minutes listening to one, you’ll know it was worth the wait.

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podcasts about race identity politics
Identity Politics

4. identity Politics

Tune in as co-hosts Ikhlas Saleem and Makkah Ali talk about race, gender and being Muslim in America. Every week, they invite guests to come by and share personal stories about navigating America as Black Muslim women while highlighting politics, pop culture, racism and Islamophobia.

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podcasts about race latinos who lunch
Latinos Who Lunch

5. latinos Who Lunch

Artist Favyfav and art historian Babelito discuss race, gender and class issues in the Latinx community. Listen as their Spanglish voices bring a comedic effect to pressing topics such as identity, history and family. Aside from the humor, the duo is bringing Latinx culture to the forefront.

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podcasts about race long distance
Long Distance

6. long Distance

This documentary podcast series highlights the Filipino voice. Explore a collection filled with tales about art, food, culture and many more topics as told by Filipinos. Long Distance sheds a light through storytelling and paints a reflective image of this community.

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podcasts about race all my relations
All My Relations

7. all My Relations

All My Relations is closing the representation gap of Native communities. Host Matika Wilbur and Adrienne Keene discuss issues Native people are facing while sharing personal experiences with regards to relationships, culture and identity. Each week, the cohosts invite guests to provide different perspectives on these topics and debunk misperceptions about Native people.

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podcasts about race still processing
New York Times

8. still Processing

New York Times journalist Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris provide a daily dose of what’s going on in the news while giving us a peek into their own lives. Whether they’ve having a conversation about their visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture or breaking down what it meant for Nike to partner with Colin Kaepernick, this duo is sure to get you thinking about all things culture.

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podcasts about race yo is this racist
Ear Wolf

9. yo, Is This Racist?

If you ever questioned a situation and thought to yourself, "Is this racist?" chances are this podcast has the answer. This weekly series showcases viewers' submitted voicemails and emails (and of course answers the big question). You’ll be surprised by the honest submissions and laugh along as the pair tackles important issues head-on with humor.

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podcasts about race invisibilia

10. invisibilia

Another NPR gem that deconstructs human behavior, beliefs and assumptions, each episode combines storytelling and science on topics of race, relationships and many more.

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podcasts about race pod save the people
Crooked Media

11. pod Save The People

Activist DeRay McKesson provides insight into social justice, politics and activism. In each episode, activists, experts and national leaders break down issues and news that is sometimes overlooked. Tune in every Tuesday to stay informed on what’s happening in America.

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podcasts about race pod scene on radio
Scene On Radio

12. scene On Radio

Scene on Radio focuses on many American issues. But of particular note is their 14-part series called "Seeing White" which takes a deep dive into white supremacy, white privilege and what it means to Black in America. The series works to challenge the policies and traditions put in place in our history as viewed through a bigger lens.

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motivational podcasts brownprint1

13. The Brownprint With Cari Champion

Broadcast journalist Cari Champion brings listeners along as she interviews some of the biggest athletes, journalists, business executives and celebs while fostering an open dialogue on how to navigate through America’s toughest issues. The new podcast has featured guests like journalist Jemele Hill, comedian Phoebe Robinson and actress Busy Philips to engages us in having those uncomfortable conversations.

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