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As proud bookworms and hard-copy enthusiasts, we're historically suspicious of newfangled technology. Then we discovered these five apps, which truly make our reading experience better.

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If You Want Friend Recommendations…Download Goodreads
The ultimate in user-generated reviews, Goodreads has saved us countless times from getting into books we would end up hating. Consult this helpful app before making your next Amazon purchase. (Free for iPhone and Android)

If You Like Professional Recommendations…Download The New York Times App
Looking for something a hair more credible? The New York Times book review features tons of new releases, delightfully praised and panned by esteemed critics. It's also great for author interviews and book-world news. (Free for iPhone and Android)

If You Like Short-Form Journalism…Download Pocket
Need a break from your months-long quest to finish Infinite Jest? Download Pocket, which lets you save articles (think long-form journalism and short fiction) from across the Internet. (Free for iPhone and Android)

If You Like to Listen to Books…Download Audible
Got a long car ride on the horizon? Audible—with its unmatched selection of audiobooks—is an absolute must. (Free for iPhone and Android, with in-app purchases)

If You Want to Keep a Running List of Books in Your Queue…Download Book Crawler or Shelves
Book Crawler and Shelves are apps for iPhone and Android, respectively, that allow you to catalogue books you've read and keep a list of titles you're hoping to read. Because an organized reader is a happy reader. (Free for iPhone and Android)

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