7 Healthy Recipes to Get You Through the Next 7 Days

We can all agree that we need a break from indulging nonstop since, oh, Thanksgiving. And whether you want to lighten things up for a few days or are committing to a full month of clean eating, we've got seven new healthy recipes to jump-start your 2018. Although, we have a sneaking feeling you're going to be making all of these long past January.

Healthy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Greek Wedge Salad

The classic steakhouse salad gets a Mediterranean makeover.

Stir-fry Zoodles

When a spaghetti craving strikes, make this your go-to recipe.

Slow-cooked Salmon

And by "slow" we mean the fillets cook in the pan for a mere 25 minutes.

Green Smoothie With Avocado And Apple

Everyone needs a quality smoothie recipe on hand. This should be yours.