‘Virgin River’ Star Mark Ghanimé Reveals What It’s Really Like Working with Tim Matheson on Set

Mark Ghanimé on 'Virgin River.'

Just by watching all the joyful moments shared on set and the stars’ social media accounts, it’s pretty evident that the Virgin River cast members love working with each other. Recently, Mark Ghanimé (Dr. Cameron Hayek) opened up about his personal experience working with his fellow co-star, Tim Matheson (Doc Mullins), on the Netflix show.

The official Instagram account for Virgin River posted a new behind-the-scenes photo, which featured Ghanimé and Matheson acting on set. The actors appear to be filming a serious scene (judging by their facial expressions and stance) while standing in a peaceful, natural setting.  The caption read, “Anyone need a doctor?”

In the comments section, Ghanimé took a moment to talk about his castmate. “That man [referring to Matheson] is a lovely scene partner. Even when he’s accusing me of stealing all the office donuts as seen here.”

Under the post, a fan wanted to know what happened to the donuts, to which the actor jokingly responded, “If you look closely, I panicked and threw them in that tree over Doc’s right shoulder.”

Ghanimé is not the only Virgin River cast member to talk about working with their castmate. In an exclusive interview with PureWow, Kai Bradbury (Denny) candidly discussed his off-screen relationship with Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie).

“Sarah is such a joy. Her laugh cracks me up,” he said. “Just like everyone else on the show, she’s got such a positive energy.”

We can’t help but admire the close-knit bond the Virgin River cast members share.

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