Kai Bradbury Reveals How He & Sarah Dugdale Kill Time While Filming ‘Virgin River’

Kai Bradbury (Denny) is sharing details about his Virgin River co-star, Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie), including what they do to pass time while filming the popular Netflix series.

The 28-year-old actor recently sat down for an exclusive interview with PureWow. While discussing Virgin River season 4, Bradbury revealed that he’s developed an off-screen friendship with Dugdale. “Sarah is such a joy. Her laugh cracks me up,” he told PureWow. “Just like everyone else on the show, she’s got such a positive energy.”

Bradbury even shared behind-the-scenes secrets about what they do when the cameras aren’t rolling. “If we had some time off, I would bring my Nintendo Switch to work sometimes, and we’d play some Mario Kart in my trailer,” he said.

kai bradbury sarah dugdale virgin river
Courtesy of Netflix

The actor didn’t share any details about the fifth season of Virgin River, but he did tease their characters’ on-screen relationship, which hasn’t turned romantic (at least not yet). “There’s, of course, that undeniable attraction that [Denny] has towards [Lizzie], which is also a big surprise to him,” he said. “He wasn’t expecting to meet someone that would shake up his life in the way that it has.”

The actor continued, “I think above all there’s kind of a bit of an opposites attract thing between them, and so I think he just really appreciates and enjoys her company.”

Fingers crossed that Denny and Lizzie get more screen time in Virgin River season 5.

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