19 Behind-the-Scenes ‘Virgin River’ Moments That’ll Make You Love the Cast Even More

Rewatching classic episodes of Virgin River (and Googling new fan theories) is one of our favorite past times. But nothing really beats seeing the cast in their natural element as they let loose behind the scenes, whether it’s Alexandra Breckenridge dancing to “The Final Countdown” or Martin Henderson engaging in some friendly competition.

Ever since the Netflix series first aired, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the official Instagram accounts of the cast—which are full of funny outtakes and feel-good BTS footage. So, as we patiently await the premiere of season five, we’re celebrating this talented cast with 19 of the best Virgin River behind-the-scenes moments.

The 12 Best ‘Virgin River’ Episodes of All Time

1. The Brie Sandwich

We imagine you're well aware of the whirlwind love triangle between Brie, Brady and Mike. So when actor Benjamin Hollingsworth, who plays Brady, shared these snaps on his page, fans instantly understood what this “awkward” Brie sandwich was in reference to. He wrote, “What was your favorite scene of #VirginRiver Season 4? Mine? The Brie sandwich (only available on the uncut version).”

2. The ‘virgin River’ Picnic

The Virgin River cast had a fun gathering back in December 2020 and it gave us a serious case of FOMO. Shared by the show’s official account, the post revealed the actors competing against each other in an intense egg-and-spoon race. A second post also included a fun collage of standout locations from the picnic, from game booths to candy stands.

3. The Dance Party

If there’s one thing we learned from these BTS posts, it’s that Breckenridge won’t hesitate to bust a move. In November 2021, as the cast was working on an episode, the actress danced to Ciara’s 2004 hit, “Goodies.” Naturally, her co-stars Colin Lawrence and Martin Henderson joined the dance party.

4. The Throwback Jam Session

Speaking of dancing, Breckenridge turned yet another BTS moment into a mini dance break. In the video, the actress and new series regular, Mark Ghanimé, danced on a porch to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” as the crew adjusted the lighting.

5. The Cozy Bonfire

The guys of Virgin River enjoyed some bonding time around a crackling bonfire as the crew worked on their adjustments in the background. The caption read, “BTS with Jack, Preacher, Mike and Marine buddies.”

6. Kai Goes On A Mission

This vid played off of the storyline of his on-screen character, Denny (AKA the mysterious newcomer who claimed to be Doc's grandson), as Kai set out to find Dr. Vernon. Except he had no success. The caption read, “Denny is back in VR! Is it a long visit or here to stay because of ……@kaibury.”

7. Alex Takes Five

It looks like the producers captured Breckenridge after an especially long day, because the actress looked about ready to konk out while on set for season two. The Virgin River team wrote, “What a week! Mel and all of VR thank you for all the love you showed us this week by watching season 2.”

8. The Dance Party, Part 2

As the caption read, “It's a Friday dance party with a special appearance.” The Virgin River account shared not one, but two clips of the main stars getting their groove on. In the first, Breckenridge danced in Jack's Bar to The Champs’s hit song “Tequila.” And in the second, Henderson showed off some bold moves of his own.

9. The Final Countdown

In typical fashion, Breckenridge celebrated her final moments on the set of season three with a dance party. In the IG video, she and other cast members were seen jamming out to Europe's “The Final Countdown.” The caption read, “ Mel’s last seconds on set S3 with her VR family!”

10. The Duet

As it turns out, Breckenridge and Henderson make the best dance partners, and this was all the proof we needed. Opting for the same hit song, the pair stepped together in tune as they worked on season three.

11. Martin Breaks It Down

Henderson and Lawrence celebrated wrapping up season three in the best possible way: with dancing, of course. Henderson was especially pumped, however, given his enthusiasm and impressive moves.

12. Martin Shows His Goofy Side

Given all the drama-filled episodes in season three, it’s good to know that Henderson and his castmates had some fun during the filming process. In this silly clip, Henderson put on a fake accent and adopted a new persona.

13. The Cast Takes It Back To The ‘60s

We never knew we needed a video of our favorite characters doing the twist until we actually saw footage of Tim Matheson, Annette O'Toole, Teryl Rothery and more doing the popular ‘60s dance. Looks like these guys could give us a lesson or two...

14. The Blooper Reels

The official account put together a montage of the entire cast being silly and breaking character throughout season two, and it’s impossible to get through this video without smiling. “BTS fun we have in Virgin River,” the official account wrote.

15. The Rehearsal

As Breckenridge tried to go over her lines with Henderson, she couldn’t help but break character and burst out laughing. Meanwhile, Henderson patiently repeated his line with a smile, and the actress managed to nail it on the second go.

16. A Season 5 Teaser

Fans were treated to an up-close and personal look at Henderson’s trailer as he started filming for season five of the Netflix series. Her wrote, “Jack’s back! Day 1 of shooting #virginriver season 5—feels good to slip back into Jack’s boots.”

17. Martin's Birthday Surprise

The tight-knit cast and crew of Virgin River gave Henderson a very special gift for his birthday in October 2021. As shown in the shared video, everyone sang “Happy Birthday” and presented him with a delicious looking pizza pie.

18. Colin’s Makeover

In 2021, Lawrence gave his followers a rare sneak peek of his glam process ahead of filming. He wrote, “I wish I woke up like this. Getting my glam on!”

19. Martin + Alex + Madonna

We may or may not have watched this five times, but can you really blame us? Henderson and Breckenridge came through yet again with their epic dance moves as we counted down to the premiere of season four. Enjoy this footage of them grooving to Madonna's "Hung Up."

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