Tracee Ellis Ross Dazzles in Sheer and Sparkly 'Dinner Attire' on IG

At this point, we shouldn't be surprised when we see Tracee Ellis Ross pop up on our Instagram feed in her show-stopping ensembles. But here we are, once again, in total awe of her keen eye for style.

Last week, the Black-ish star lit up our feed by sharing pics of herself in a dazzling sheer black dress, complete with a plunging neckline and glittering rhinestones. And naturally, the actress turned a well-lit lobby into her personal photography studio. Ross captioned the post, "DINNER ATTIRE."

In the first three photos, Ross poses in her sheer dress, finishing her daring look with shiny black ankle boots. Then, she switches things up by layering what appears to be a full black gown beneath the sheer dress.

One follower simply commented, "Tracee Ellis Boss." Another fan joked, "Looks more like dinner, movie and a night cap."

If, like us, you've been keeping a close eye on Ross's posts, then you already know that the fashion queen has been serving a number of runway-worthy looks on Instagram. For instance, there's her glam futuristic look from her birthday celebration, and then there's this unforgettable pink pleated suit—courtesy of by London-based designer Robert Wun.

Keep the stellar fashion looks coming, Tracee.

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