This Coffee Chain Now Has Easter Egg Doughnuts Topped with Mini Cadbury Eggs
Tim Hortons

Move over Dunkin', there's a new Easter-themed doughnut in town. And it's covered with Cadbury eggs.

Tim Hortons, the Toronto-based coffee chain with locations in the Northeast and Midwest U.S., has just released a new menu item: Easter egg doughnuts covered in bright-green icing and sprinkles and topped with Cadbury mini eggs (aka the most delicious-looking Easter egg hunt ever).

The limited-edition Easter egg doughnuts are currently on store shelves, and will likely stick around until Easter, which is on April 21.

For those not familiar, Cadbury mini eggs are ranked the number-one Easter candy by our PureWow editors, and we won't hear any arguments to the contrary. (No, we literally can't hear you over the crunch of those sugary pastel-colored candy shells.)

We still love our trusty Dunkin' Donuts, which has Peeps-topped doughnuts and Peeps-flavored coffee (props to you brave souls who actually order this). 

Or you can opt for the grocery store variety. Aldi's is offering miniature chocolate lambs, chicks and butterflies galore. And for the most adventurous eaters, there's Peeps-flavored coffee creamer from International Delight. (To each her own, we guess.)

See? There's absolutely no egg-scuse to get into the spring-y spirit. (Oh come on, you knew there'd be puns.)

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