Easter is just a few weeks away and to be honest, it may be our favorite holiday of all. Why? Because we get to indulge in all the chocolate minus the hard work (trick or treating is for suckers). And while we’re well aware that not all Easter candy is created equal (come on, Peeps—do better), we’re always open to trying something new. Introducing the chocolate Benedict Cumberbunny—a cocoa confection featuring, you guessed it, actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s face. 

Cumberbunny Easter chocolate

Created by U.K.-based chocolate company Chocolatician, the celebrity treat is described as“a delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and a tasty bottom.” The chocolateCumberbunny is available in milk or dark chocolate with a gold or bronze lustre finish. There’s also a limited-edition white chocolate bunny that comes with an edible 22-karat gold bow-tie. Fancy. 

white chocolate Benedict Cumberbunny Easter chocolate

The bunnies cost approximately $50 (£40) each, plus an extra $20 for shipping and will take 14 to 18 days to arrive. We have to admit that the resemblance to the Sherlock star is uncanny. So much so that the thought of biting off his head is a little, dare we say, frightening? 

Maybe indulging in another celebrity will be a little less alarming. The chocolate makers also offer a Ryan Gosling goose, again available in milk, dark or white chocolate. Dubbed “The Gosling,” there’s a limited number of these geese being offered for Easter this year despite “Ryan being lovable all year round.” 


The Gosling Easter chocolate goose

Just remember to keep your treats out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Benedict is “a sensitive little bunny,” we’re told. 


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