Tan France Just Confirmed This Fashion Trend Is the French Tuck 2.0

You know the tie front, the all-around, the belted and even the trendy French Tuck. (YGG.)

But Queer Eye's Tan France just debuted the French Tuck 2.0, an updated take on the à la mode half-tuck. Introducing the biggest styling trend for fall...aka "the top button."

queer eye tan france styling hack
Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

See? BTW, the top button works just as well without an undershirt. The trick is to pair your half-open shirt with voluminous bottoms that are high-waisted enough to meet the bottom-most closed button.

That way, you're only leaving a sliver of midriff (maybe even none, sans wind gusts) as you debut your new styling trick to the world.

As Tan would say, "Shut up, everyone! We're giving her a French Tuck"...2.0.