This Button-Down Styling Trick Is the New French Tuck

By now you’re probably familiar with the French tuck. It's the Tan France-approved move in which you tuck in only the front of your top, and keep the back hanging loose? We know it and love it, but we’re ready for something new. Enter the button-down styling trick we’ve spotted on celebs and street-style stars alike, from Zendaya to German model and influencer Mandy Bork.

Here’s what to do: Pick your favorite button-down top and reach for a pair of high-waisted bottoms. Then, instead of tucking your shirt in, unbutton the bottom few buttons to show off a triangle of midriff. 

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See? So chic. As modeled by Euphoria star Zendaya, it’s an easy way to instantly transform the vibe of a sometimes-stuffy button-down. It creates a breezy, tent-like silhouette that will keep you cool, among all that fabric.

You might be thinking, “I don’t have Zendaya’s 22-year-old physique. Can I pull this off?” The answer is an emphatic yes. The high-waist silhouette is the key here, since it cinches your waist at its most narrow point.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to show off quite as much skin as the actress did—nor do you have to stick to pants. Case in point:

woman wearing a white shirt and orange skirt
Edward Berthelot/getty images

Same idea, less skin. In fact, save for a gust of wind, there’s a chance you might never flash a sliver of midriff. Still, it’s a cool, casual alternative to tucking your top in. To keep it from looking sloppy, take a hint from this stylish gal and stick to wrinkle-free fabrics with clean lines. Also note that this looks best with voluminous bottoms, since it continues the billowing lines of the shirt. Think: Bell-bottoms instead of skinny pants and A-line skirts instead of pencil silhouettes. 

And good news: This trick isn’t just for casual daytime ensembles.

woman wearing a black top and black pants
Christian Vierig/getty images

In darker colors and dressed-up fabrics (think: a sheer button-down with satin trousers), it’s the coolest alternative to the LBD you’ve been wearing on repeat for years. 

Will we stop French tucking? Absolutely not, but you can bet your high-waist bottom dollar we’re adding this move to our repertoire immediately.

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