Simon Cowell *Majorly* Pranked Sofía Vergara & Now She’s Plotting ‘Revenge’

Simon Cowell just pulled a fairly terrifying prank on Sofía Vergara, and now she’s out for “revenge.”

On last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent, the two judges were invited on stage to assist returning contestants Ryan Stock and Amberlynn Walker with their act. However, Vergara didn’t know that Cowell was planning to trick her.

In the clip, Vergara is understandably nervous as she assumes her position on stage. (In season 11 of AGT, Walker accidentally shot an arrow into Stock’s neck, dubbing them a “dangerous” act.)

This time, the Modern Family star is blindfolded and told to aim a crossbow at Cowell, who is supposed to be standing near a target (read: balloon). But what she doesn’t know is that everyone—including the American Idol alum—is in on the prank.

When Vergara pulls the trigger, Cowell can be seen laying on the ground with a fake arrow sticking out of his chest. Everyone else reacts to the prank, running to the judge’s aid and screaming, “Oh, my God!” This includes Stock, Walker, Howie Mandel and Crews, who yells for a medic.

“What is going on?” Vergara says. Right on cue, Cowell breaks character and says, “I gotcha!”

Vergara’s response? “You know I’m Colombian, and you know we take revenge.”

The actress captioned the post, “AYYEEE @simoncowell really got me!! I nearly had a heart attack when I took off that blindfold. Revenge prank planning starts now… #agt.”

Guess we’ll have to tune into the next episode of America’s Got Talent to see what pranks Vergara has up her sleeve.

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