Serena Williams Gives Fans a Surprise Look at Her Pregnancy Workout Routine

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As a famous athlete, Serena Williams has had a set workout routine in order to stay in tip-top shape before she steps onto the tennis court. But now that the expecting mom, 41, is pregnant with her second child, she’s had to change things up.

“Hey everyone. Welcome to my pregnancy workout,” Williams says at the beginning of a brand-new YouTube vid. “I wanted to show you all how I’m staying fit while being pregnant at the same time. [It’s] a very difficult thing to do.”

Before diving into her pregnancy workout in the video, Williams does a warmup exercise that allows her to open up her hips, which tend to get very tight. “I do this about ten times, just to warm it up,” Williams says as she stretches. “[Then], I take a break and move onto the other side.”

Next, the tennis star performs a total of three hip openers (with one bonus exercise) before moving on to the first part of her workout routine—walking on the elliptical machine. “I usually like to walk outside, but I’m going to show you, really quick, how you can enhance your walk.”

But, Williams takes her workout to the next level by doing a few arm exercises (while holding a green ball) and walking in an upward motion on the elliptical. And in the middle of her walk, she is greeted by a surprise visitor who needs no introduction: her daughter, Olympia.

Her 5-year-old daughter (who has become a regular guest in her vlogs) lends a helping hand by setting up yoga blocks for her next workout. After walking on the treadmill and doing a few more inner thigh openers, Williams goes on to do an arm workout, and she definitely feels the burn. “I gotta stop, that is a lot,” Williams jokingly says before the vid comes to an end.

This is just one of many videos the tennis athlete has posted on her YouTube channel thus far. The first video uploaded to her page was titled “Stay Tuned,” and was filmed before Williams walked this year’s Met Gala red carpet with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, 40, and revealed to the world she is pregnant with baby number two.

Thanks for the helpful tips, Serena!

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