This Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Washes Itself So You Dont Have To
Courtesy of Larq

Hydration, right? It's easier said than done. It's not that you're not good at sipping from your water bottle on the regular, it's the cleaning part that slows you down. After all, so many of the super-fancy new bottles have lots of bells and whistles, but they're not dishwasher-safe. Womp womp.

Enter the LARQ Bottle, a "smart" and sleek drinking option that, at the touch of a button, cleans itself and purifies your drinking water on the go. 

How does it work? It uses UV-C LED technology—specifically, a UV-C light—to eradicate bacteria and viruses on inner surfaces and purify the drinking water at the same time. In other words, you fill your bottle, tap the button on the bottle cap and wait for a deep-cleaning photochemical reaction to occur. (For the record, a blue pulsing light is your indicator that the bottle is in cleaning mode.)

There's even a self-cleaning feature that activates once every two hours (it lasts ten seconds) just to make sure your water stays fresh and germ-free throughout the day.

It was designed to help combat dependence on single-use plastic but also boost access to clean and safe drinking water. (Did we mention it comes in a sophisticated color palette and has the ability to keep beverages ice cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours?)

OK, so it costs a cool $95, but we repeat: Other than wiping off the part where your lips touch, you don't have to clean it. Time=saved.

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