Seema’s Dad on ‘And Just Like That’ Once Kissed Samantha on ‘Sex and the City’ and...What?!

We're starting to believe that Sex and the City fans have some of the sharpest eyes out there. First, it was one major fan who caught a symbolic fashion moment in the new reboot, And Just Like That.... Now, viewers have made another mind-blowing connection.

It turns out that when Seema (played by Sarita Choudhury) introduces us to her dad in the sixth episode of AJLT, titled “Diwali,” this is not the first time this actor has appeared in the Sex and the City universe.

Seema's father is portrayed by Ajay Mehta, who actually has a pretty memorable cameo in season two of the original series. In the episode “They Shoot Single People, Don't They?,” Mehta plays a busboy at a restaurant where Samantha (Kim Cattrall) ends up kissing him when she gets stood up by her date.

This connection was made by users on TikTok, as displayed in the video above. It was also shared to the popular Every Outfit on SATC Instagram account, where they posted the same images and said, “And just like that… I realized that the busboy that Samantha kissed in S2/EP4 is now Seema’s dad.”

Cynthia Nixon even commented on the post and said, “Good eye!”

While we're missing some friendly faces in AJLT (like the scene-stealing Cattrall), we love to see the return of these other supporting actors.

All the most noteworthy Easter eggs, star cameos and iconic moments from the Sex and the City revival are discussed in a new podcast titled, And Just Like That…A Sex and the City Reboot Podcast, from PureWow's very own editors, Dara Katz and Phil Mutz.

We can't wait to see what other Easter eggs these fans find.

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