Sarah Jessica Parker Commends Fan for Spotting *This* ‘And Just Like That...’ Easter Egg—Did You Catch It?

As any Sex and the City fan knows, fashion is always at the center of the storytelling.

So it makes sense that there was a lot of thought put into the outfits the characters wear in the new revival, And Just Like That...—and as a result, even the cast grew attached to them. During an interview with Vogue, Sarah Jessica Parker even said, “I kept every single solitary thing,” referring to all the iconic articles of clothing that her character wore throughout the show's run.

Now, as Parker slips back into the shoes of Carrie Bradshaw, fans are keeping their eyes peeled for clues and deeper meanings hidden in the clothes and accessories each character wears. One fan, writer and podcast host Evan Ross Katz, was able to spot a tiny Easter egg in the reboot. He shared his discovery to his Instagram account, with a collage comparing a shot from season 3 of SATC (on top) with a still from AJLT (on the bottom).

“It’s all in the details!” Katz said. “Twenty-one years after Carrie was mugged on Jersey Street in Soho (‘Give me your bag.’ ‘What?’ ‘Your bag.’ ‘It's a baguette.’), her iconic purple sequined Fendi Autumn/Winter 1999-2000 baguette re-emerged in the latest episode of AND JUST LIKE THAT, signifying Carrie’s return home.”

SJP was clearly impressed by Katz's keen eye, because she left a comment on the post, saying, “Man you are good!!! X.”

The first three episodes of And Just Like That have already premiered, with seven left to go. We will certainly be keeping an eye out for the return of Carrie's other staples.

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Keep the Easter eggs coming, SJP.

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