‘Bridgerton’ Star Nicola Coughlan Just Revealed That Fans Missed *This* Easter Egg

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

It’s been months since Netflix released one of its most popular shows to date, Bridgerton, and yes, we’re still talking about that major twist ending.

While we were very surprised to learn that the woman behind the mysterious writer Lady Whistledown was Penelope Featherington, actress Nicola Coughlan revealed that viewers could have figured it out from the very first episode. According to the 34-year-old, there was one major Easter egg (which she planted) in her character’s first scene that gave it away.

“Ok I’m just curious,” Coughlan wrote on Twitter over the weekend. “Has anyone spotted the massive Easter Egg about Penelope in the very first scene of Bridgerton? I’m very impressed with those that spotted it! I decided on a prop for the scene where you first see Penelope, that prop happened to be a giant feather that looked a lot like...a quill.”

Yup, it’s true. When we looked back on Penelope’s opening scene, she was holding none other than a yellow feathered quill pen. How sneaky. Unfortunately, most viewers (including us) had to wait until the end of season one for Lady Whistledown’s identity to be revealed.

The shocking news comes just days after we got more information about season two of the hit series. Last week, we learned that Simone Ashley has been cast as the female lead, Kate Sharma, opposite Jonathan Bailey in the regency hit’s second installment. “Newly arrived in London, Kate is a smart, headstrong young woman who suffers no fools—Anthony Bridgerton very much included,” Deadline reported.

We’re loving all of these Bridgerton insights.

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