All the Details on Sarah Jessica Parker’s Net Worth (Including How Much She Made on ‘SATC’)

It's been nearly two decades since Sex and the City ended, but Sarah Jessica Parker is still at the top of her game. Aside from launching her own production company, the actress is also making a comeback as the infamous Carrie Bradshaw in HBO’s And Just Life That—the highly anticipated sequel of SATC.

While we still don’t have a release date, we do know that Parker has already started filming. And with her executive producing credit, we imagine that her paycheck will be much bigger than usual. Which leaves us with one very important question: What is Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth? Keep reading for more details.

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1. What Is Sarah Jessica Parker’s Net Worth?

Parker’s earnings are definitely higher than Carrie Bradshaw’s salary. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress is currently worth $150 million. Thanks to Sex and the City and a string of successful film roles, she was named one of the highest-paid celebrities by Forbes in 2012.

2. What Was Parker’s Salary On ‘sex And The City’?

Though the actress appeared in several TV movies and shows since 1974, her career really took off when she starred as Carrie in Sex and the City—often considered to be one of the most iconic female TV characters ever.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that she made $50 million over the first three seasons (about $1 million per episode) and $147 million from the last three seasons (roughly $3.2 million per episode). That adds up to roughly $200 million total—and naturally, her sizable paychecks made her the highest paid actress in TV history.

3. Parker Also Pulled In Millions After Making The ‘satc’ Films

The 56-year-old star earned a whopping $15 million for the first film, which brought in $418.8 million at the box office. And while the sequel wasn’t nearly as successful, Parker earned $20 million.

4. The Actress Launched Multiple Fragrances And A Fashion Line

In 2005, Parker released her first fragrance called Lovely. To promote the launch, she visited a Lord & Taylor store in New York—complete with more than 2,000 fans. As a result, the new scent made more than $40,000 in that afternoon alone.

Following the success of Lovely, Parker released more fragrances, including Covet, Dawn, Endless and Twilight. Plus, the actress launched her own clothing line called SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, which features accessories and shoes handmade in Italy.

5. And She Has Her Own Production Company

In 2005, Parker partnered up with Alison Benson to launch Pretty Matches Productions, which aims to improve female representation in the media. They’re best known for the HBO series Divorce and the 2018 film, Here and Now.

6. Parker Launched Her Own Line Of Fiction Books

Parker is currently the editorial director of SJP for Hogarth, the new line of books that she launched under the Crown Publishing Group's Hogarth imprint. Parker's first publication was a novel called A Place for Us, written by none other than Fatima Farheen Mirza, Riz Ahmed's wife.

7. She Shares A Lot Of Real Estate With Her Husband, Matthew Broderick

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Parker and Ferris Bueller her husband spent $34.5 million on two neighboring New York properties, which they combined to make a 14,000-square-foot mansion. And while they were working on their massive new home, they stayed in a nearby townhouse that they’d purchased and renovated for nearly $3 million. It wasn’t until 2020 that they sold this penthouse for $15 million. But in addition to their New York mansion, the couple also own some property in Iceland and two additional homes in the Hamptons.

Sounds like Sarah is definitely living her best life.

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