Calling All Corgi Lovers: The Queen Has Launched a Collection of Pet Accessories and It Is Très Chic

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We've always known that Queen Elizabeth has a soft spot for dogs. She currently has three corgi companions and it was even revealed in a documentary that Her Royal Majesty has jokingly written letters to other dogs on behalf of her own pets.

Well, now the queen's puppy love has been extended into the Royal Collection Shop, where they have introduced a brand-new line of summer pet products.

The line was announced with a statement that says, “We have lovingly curated our edit of magnificent gift ideas for our furry friends; from gilded, earthenware dog bowls and charming dog bandanas, to engraved, leather leads and collars and tartan accessories inspired by the Hunting Stewart Tartan, which is the livery worn at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Our selection of treats are sure to delight our canine companions around the world.”

The diverse set of products range from pet collars to pet bow ties, but the featured patterns seem to have been purposefully chosen to align with the royal family's love for animals.

Many of the designs, including the Grey Horse and Pink Horse patterns, represent the family's history of horseback riding. While we have seen that Queen Elizabeth still rides her horse (even in her nineties), her daughter, Princess Anne, was a very successful equestrian competitor. Meanwhile, many of the men in the family have played polo. Other patterns feature parrots, dogs and cats, which are all animals that have been owned by royal family members in the past.

We definitely need to get our hands on a royally-approved piece of pet apparel for the furry friends in our lives.

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