Redheads, Rejoice! Ginger, Lobster and Curly-Haired Emojis Are Finally on iPhone

redhead emoji hero

Unless your hair resembles that of Sansa Stark, Emma Stone, Ed Sheeran or Jessica Chastain, you may not have noticed there’s no emoji that embodies our orange-haired counterparts.

Finally, however, fiery-haired people everywhere will be able to express themselves in emoji form. On Tuesday, Apple rolled out its newest update, iOS 12.1, which includes 70 new emojis. We'll also be getting llamas, superheroes, toilet paper, bagels, hiking boots, the infinity symbol and much more.

First announced in December 2017, the emojis were confirmed via press release from the Unicode Technical Committee back in June of this year and have finally (finally!) made their way to our phones for the new Apple iPhone software update.

Now if only we could get an emoji for the balayage-obsessed among us… We’ll wait.

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