This Video of Queen Elizabeth Sprinting After Prince William Has Gone Viral, and We Can't Stop Replaying

From years of thorough, quantitative, totally scientific research, we've concluded Queen Elizabeth, 93, is a force to be reckoned with. We mean, what nonagenarian do you know that still rides horsesplants treesgives speeches, meets heads of state on a daily basis...and always looks stylishly put-together in the process?

And, judging by a new video that has gone viral this week, she's always been a very active monarch.

The video (above), from Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's wedding in 1986, shows a 60-year-old Queen Elizabeth chasing a young Prince William...and Her Royal Highness is fast (especially considering she's wearing a dress, a coat and heels).

During the ceremony, Prince William, who was 4 years old at the time, was seen yawning, talking to his cousins and causing a bit of a disturbance, according to AOL. And who can blame him? The very formal (and probably very long) royal wedding of the queen's third child was probably tough to sit through as a toddler. Finally, when William gets outside, he decides to chase the wedding carriage, getting a bit too close to the massive wheels. That's when his grandma, the queen, steps in to save the day.

William was page boy at the wedding (wearing a very stylish sailor outfit, might we add). His cousins, Zara and Peter Phillips, along with Laura Fellowes, daughter of Princess Diana's sister Jane, were also in the bridal party, according to People. (William's little brother, Prince Harry, was too young to participate.)

Great reflexes, Gan Gan.


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