Queen Elizabeth Battled a Scarf That Flew into Her Face at a Polo Match This Weekend, but She Kept Calm and Carried on

The royals' unofficial motto, Keep Calm and Carry On, served Queen Elizabeth well this weekend at a polo match.

An audience goer's scarf whipped Her Majesty in the face during a blustery Royal Windsor Cup polo event on Sunday, June 23, which was the 93-year-old's sixth public event in one week (!!!).

While Sex Education star Gillian Anderson had a moment of panic (seriously, her reaction is everything) Queen Liz carried on as if nothing had happened, a true testament to her ability to keep up public appearances in the face of chaos. Especially considering the queen has been going nonstop since the Royal Ascot began last week.

The monarch, who can be seen walking past guests to present an award to one of the players in the video above, continues on her way when a long black scarf worn by royal box attendee, the Japanese musician Yoshiki, blew into Her Majesty's visage.

royal windsor cup queen elizabeth hit in the face scarf
Steve Parsons/Getty Images

Anderson, who is set to play Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the third season of Netflix's The Crown, immediately recoils and looks shocked as the scarf hits the queen. She then looks around to see if anyone else noticed the unfortunate misstep...and we can't lie, that's exactly what we'd do if we were in her position. 

Queen Elizabeth, though, looks unflappable as she continues to walk down the stairs in her hot pink dress coat and matching hat. 

queen elizabeth smile royal windsor cup
David Bennet/Getty Images

Thank you for the inspo, Your Majesty. This calmness in the midst of #Scarfgate2019 is an aura we want to channel in every aspect of our lives.


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