This Member of the Royal Family Has Reportedly Become Part of Queen's ‘Inner Circle’ During the Past Year

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While it is hard for us to know what really happens behind the walls of Buckingham Palace (and we can't count on The Crown for true specifics), one thing we do know is that Queen Elizabeth is very attached to her family.

And now, according to a report from the Express, we have learned that there is one member of the royal family who has become part of the queen's inner circle of women: her daughter-in-law Sophie, the Countess of Wessex.

The wife of Queen Elizabeth's youngest son, Prince Edward, has been described as, “One of those in Her Majesty’s 'utterly trustworthy' inner circle of four.” Royal commentator Penny Junor detailed the relationship between the queen and the countess, saying, “The Queen has always got on incredibly well with her. Sophie wasn’t an aristocrat, was from a very normal background and I don’t think she’s ever lost that.” She added, “There’s a genuine love there with Edward, Sophie and the Queen.”

According to The Daily Mail, this relationship has been strengthened by the fact that Sophie has been acting as a "rock" for Queen Elizabeth since the passing of her husband, Prince Philip. Royal insider Duncan Larcombe said that the countess has been helping the queen by visiting her quite often and “phoning at least once a day and ensuring she is fully supported.”

The Express claims that the countess joins Angela Kelly (Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order), Lady Pamela Hicks (the queen's second cousin) and Princess Anne (Her Majesty's daughter) as a part of the trusted inner circle.

We've even learned that the Countess of Wessex has a special nickname for Queen Elizabeth: "Mama." Now isn't that sweet?

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