10 Fascinating Facts About Buckingham Palace

You’ve watched wide-eyed on TV or in person (lucky you) as British royalty ranging from Queen Elizabeth to that little rascal Prince George waved from the balcony behind the golden gates. But what the heck is behind those closed palatial doors? Here, ten secret (and totally cool) facts about Buckingham Palace you need to know.

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There Are 240 Bedrooms

OK, so the royals (and any fancy relatives or guests who come to stay) occupy only 52, but a whopping 188 bedrooms are set aside for the staff that keep the royal show running.

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…and 775 total Rooms

This includes 92 offices, 19 different (and impressively gilded) state rooms and 78 bathrooms. Damn.

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The Amenities Inside Rival A 5-star Hotel

Guys, there’s a swimming pool, a movie theater and post office inside the palace walls, not to mention a doctor’s office that’s surgery-ready. (Seriously, HRH the Queen really never has to leave.)

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And The Queen Even Has Her Own Personal Atm

The royal ATM is reportedly located in the basement—and a dream for cash-only situations that come up for any member of the royal clan. (After all, we’re guessing Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t use Venmo…yet.)

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There’s An Expansive Underground Tunnel System

In fact, the Queen Mother herself confirmed in an interview back in 2006 that she once discovered a squatter living in the tunnels. (The real purpose is to provide an easy—secret—passage for royalty to reach Clarence House, where Prince Charles and Camilla live, and Parliament.)

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And The Queen’s Corgis Can Go Wherever They Damn Well Please

Yep, supposedly, no regal corridor is off-limits to her majesty’s beloved pups. (And rumor has it, not all of them are potty-trained.)

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There’s A Staffer Who’s Sole Job Is To Repair The Clocks

Reportedly the palace has over 1,000 clocks on site, and it takes as many as three different people to keep tabs on them and make sure they’re all properly wound and set.

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And A Guy Who Makes Sure All Of The Light Bulbs Never Burn Out

With over 40,000 light bulbs on site, it’s safe to say the guy is pretty busy.

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The Queen’s Royal Garden Is The Largest Garden In All Of London

It’s also home to over 25 different types of roses including one named after her darling grandson Prince William. Awww.

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It Even Has Its Own Private Helipad

How else do you think Will and Kate were whisked away to their secret honeymoon destination back in 2011?

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