‘Reality Steve’ Thinks Peter Weber Will Propose to Madison During ‘The Bachelor: After the Final Rose’

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Fans are desperately trying to figure out how Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor ends by analyzing every piece of clothing in an attempt to decipher the clues. Although we’re low-key tired of the onslaught of predictions, this new theory might be the most promising to date.

It all started earlier today, when Cosmo found a hidden “nugget” buried in Reality Steve’s list of spoilers for season 24 of The Bachelor. The famed TV blogger confirmed that Madison Prewitt will likely self-eliminate in next week’s finale, which we already predicted. However, Reality Steve also revealed one major detail that we (sorta) saw coming: Weber is planning on proposing to Madison during the After the Final Rose special.

“Peter is going to propose to [Madison] officially during the live show, and he doesn’t know if she will accept,” he wrote. “Apparently, he has no idea if she will say yes. Hell, maybe he’ll get cold feet and not go through with it.”

Reality Steve went on to address Chris Harrison’s claim that no one—not even Weber—knows how the season ends. “Clearly, Peter knows what’s happening in his life right now—who he’s talking to and who he’s with,” the blogger added. “So, to say ‘he doesn’t know how it ends,’ is kind of a play on words. I think Peter will propose on the ATFR Tuesday, but we’ll see.”

We have no doubt Neil Lane is waiting on standby.

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