‘The Bachelor’ Finale Is a Total ‘Mess,’ According to Latest Spoilers

peter weber bachelor finale spoilers

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

If you think you know how Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor ends, then you’re in for a real treat. Famed TV blogger Reality Steve just spoke out about how he thinks the finale will go down, and it’s a total “mess.”

Earlier today, Reality Steve shared an update on Twitter and addressed rumors about his previous post, which claimed that the season 24 finale involves no one other than Hannah Ann and Madison. (This would mean that the Bachelor producer and Kelley Flanagan are out of the picture.)

As it turns out, the blogger can’t confirm anything at the moment, since he’s receiving conflicting reports about what actually happened in Australia.

“Just gonna put this out there,” he wrote on Twitter. “Since my post this morning, I’ve been on my phone nonstop. Plenty of things being said. The whole thing is a mess. Being told so many different things now. Original sources sticking by what they said. New sources saying that’s not it. It’s madness!”

The tweet is in response to a previously released spoiler, which might not be true. It read, “One thing that I can absolutely confirm again is that this ending does not involve anyone other than Madison and Hannah Ann. It involves both of them and that’s it. No producer, no Hannah Brown, no Kelley—nothing like that. But there is definitely some weirdness going on.”

What does it all mean?! This finale can’t come soon enough. The Bachelor returns to ABC on Monday, March 9, followed by the two-hour conclusion on Tuesday, March 10.

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