‘Bachelor’ Star Sydney Hightower Predicts How the Final Rose Ceremony Will Play Out

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

We’re almost at the finish line of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, but it’s still not clear exactly who the 28-year-old pilot will choose to be his wife. Will he get down on one knee for Madison or Hannah Ann, both of whom he’s had chemistry with since the beginning? Will he shock us all by indulging his proclivity for drama and proposing to Victoria F.? Or, will he do something else entirely? No one seems to know, but there are a few ladies who have an inkling.

Following the taping of the Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor, which premieres Monday, March 2, Glamour chatted with Weber’s exes to get their perspective on what may happen at the final rose ceremony. Everyone from Tammy to Kelsey weighed in on what they foresee happening, but it was Sydney Hightower who shared the most sensical theory (at least in our opinion).

Hightower, 24, shed some light on Weber’s relationship with Madison, telling the mag, “From about week two, you get a feeling for who someone is into, and Madison was that person. I was like, ‘They’ve got something and I don’t know if I can get there, but I want to.’ You can tell.”

So does she think Madison and Weber end up together? Maybe. “I think Peter is going to be extremely happy with whichever way he goes, but I always saw a certain energy between him and Madison,” she notes. “He loves her.”

Hightower also spoke about whether or not she thinks Madison will be able to get past Peter’s decision to be intimate with the other women during the fantasy suite week. (ICYMI: Madison is saving herself for marriage and told Weber that if he got physical with the other contestants, she would likely walk away.)

The former Bachelor contestant said, “I know Madison personally; we live in the same state and have had many conversations, and one thing I pride Madison on is her ability to stay true to herself. Her courage is to stay strong to her faith and what she believes [and it] makes me feel like he sees something special in her. I feel she will get [past him sleeping with the other women].”

Now let’s wait and see if Hightower is right. The Bachelor returns on Monday, March 2, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

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