Nick Viall Reveals His Thoughts on Clare Crawley Being Chosen as the Next Bachelorette

When it comes to Clare Crawley being the next Bachelorette, Nick Viall is 100 percent on board.

PureWow sat down with the 39-year-old to chat about all things The Bachelor, as well as his new partnership with Orbit gum and their Bad Date Rebate campaign, which offers 500 people the chance to win $75 for sharing their recent bad date stories. But first, we couldn't wait to ask him what he thought about last week’s big Bachelorette announcement.

“I'm glad (as we know) they’ve selected Clare as the Bachelorette,” he said. “I think that's an excellent choice. There's plenty of great women out there in America who are in their thirties who are still looking for love," he adds. (Damn right.) "It’s nice that the Bachelor franchise has given someone relatable to women in their thirties a platform to say, ‘Hey there's nothing wrong with being single and dating’ and it’ll be fun to see how that plays out.”

Viall, who has appeared in four seasons of the franchise, including The Bachelor, BIP and two seasons of The Bachelorette, also opened up about his future with the show, stating that he most likely won’t return.

“I'm happy to support the franchise,” he continued. “I'm friends with them and they’ve been always so kind to me but it terms of looking for love on that show I think I’m probably done. But, you never know.”

Looks like Nick will be watching, as will we.

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