Mindy Kaling Reveals Plans for Her Son Spencer’s First Birthday & It Might Involve a Xylophone Cake

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Mindy Kaling loves being a mother of two. And while she can’t believe it, her second child, Spencer, will officially turn one next month. 

PureWow recently sat down to chat with the Mindy Project actress about her latest partnership with T.J.Maxx and the launch of "The Change Exchange" Pen Pal Program. The empowering letter-writing program is designed to help women connect with each other and feel supported as they navigate moments of change (sign up here). 

During the interview, we asked the Office star how she plans on celebrating her youngest’s first birthday. According to Kaling, she’ll likely keep the festivities small (and musical) due to the pandemic. 

“Oh my gosh, the pressure is on,” she told us. “I think the one-year birthday is tough if I may say because he won't have a huge memory of it. By the way, also with the Delta variant, it feels a little irresponsible to be having a big bash for his birthday. He’s really musical so I think I might do a cake in the shape of a xylophone or something like that. And just do something really small with just my immediate family.”

The 42-year-old also took the opportunity to open up about her daughter, Katherine, and her son’s different personalities and how their relationship has grown over the last 12 months. 

“It's funny, I can't believe there are these two children living in my house with these two completely different personalities,” Kaling continued. “I'm like, ‘How is it that you could be so different? I’m raising you pretty much the same way.’ But yeah they have very different personality types and that's been interesting just from a scientific point of view. I’m like, ‘Woah I did not do anything different but you were born just completely different.’ I think that my daughter is warming up to him a little bit more. I think it's just objectively annoying to have to share your toys with a new person after three and a half years when you didn't have to do that. She's coming around a little bit more. He adores her but wants to get into all of her things which is a little annoying but she’s definitely starting to realize, ‘Oh, okay this is someone that will do whatever I want him to do,’ so that’s appealing to her.”

We’re crossing our fingers for Mindy to post a few snaps of Kat and Spencer from the special day. 

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