Video: Meghan Markle Wasn't Allowed to Step on a Carpet in Morocco Due to Protocol

Hannah McKay/Getty Images

Today in bizarre royal protocol: After arriving in Casablanca, Morocco, over the weekend for a three-day royal mini tour, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to walk on...separate surfaces?

Yep, according to fan account @harry_meghan_updates, the video below shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after hopping off their plane to meet the British ambassador to Morocco. While Harry is inspecting the guards of honor of the Moroccan Auxiliary Forces, Markle and the ambassador’s wife can’t step on the red carpet and instead have to walk along next to it…weird, right?

Since Prince Harry was given the royal honor of inspecting the two rows of guards, and Markle wasn’t needed for this particular military duty, it’s custom for Markle to stay close to and chat with the wife of the British ambassador instead of accompanying Harry for the task.

For their arrival, the seven-months-pregnant duchess wore a custom red Valentino mini-cape dress and nude heels. She accessorized with a matching pink and red Valentino V-ring crossbody bag, while Harry wore a light gray suit and matching tie.

And we thought the British royal family was old-fashioned with these nail polish "rules"... (But we sorta wish we had an off-limits rule for the carpets in our home, TBH.)