Meghan Markle's Bodyguard Is the New Fiji Water Girl, and We Have the Pics to Prove It

Protect and serve (and never blink): These are the duties of Meghan Markle’s bodyguard/protection officer/dude with blue ties…and we salute him.

Over the weekend, the Duchess of Sussex visited New York City for her baby shower and was the talk of the town (not to mention, the world). She was constantly photographed entering and leaving expensive buildings, getting in and getting out of fancy black SUVs and just being her happy pregnant royal celeb self.

And the guy who kept her safe during all of this franticness? This wide-eyed protection officer, aka the new Fiji Water Girl (named so for his expert photobombing skills, obvi). 

meghan markle protection officer hotel
Gotham/Getty Images

Does he blink? Probably not, in case he misses a vital detail. 

Does he have any ties that aren't blue? Also no, which, props to this guy for following the tried-and-true (and duchess's favorite) fashion rule: If it ain't broke (or blue), don't fix it.

But does he wear sunglasses like the duchess? We're glad you asked. (#Twinning!)

meghan markle protection officer sunglasses
Raymond Hall/Getty Images

In all seriousness, these guards are the superheroes of every royal engagement. Even the duchess's right-hand woman, her assistant Amy, is always vigilant when the duchess is near.

meghan markle protection officer night
James Devaney/Getty Images

Now that Markle's safe and sound back in the U.K., we just hope her bodyguard gets a vacation (or at least a chance to change his suit).


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