Watch Meghan Markle's Assistant Come to Her Rescue to Prevent a ‘Duchess Don’t’

Everyone needs a friend (assistant) like Amy.

We’d like to imagine that with our own personal assistant, such as Meghan Markle’s, we’d be as put together, well rested and radiant as the duchess—but, alas, we digress. The moral of the story is this: Markle’s assistant, Amy Pickerill, came to the duchess’s rescue today in more ways than one (and, no, we don’t mean handing her a breath mint here and there).

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While visiting the town of Bristol with Prince Harry, Markle (being the beautiful soul we imagine she is) knelt down to speak with schoolchildren who had waited outside in the snow for a glimpse of the royal couple.

Amy noticed that Markle’s Michael Vintage coat was dragging into a puddle and swiftly jumped in and pulled it out of the water to save the day (to the amazement of one little kid nearby, who bent down to see what the heck the lady was doing with the duchess’s clothes). Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This. Is. How. It’s. Done.

Sadly, the green suede Sarah Flint boots weren't as well-protected, and got a bit splotchy from the snow—although, what can ya do?

Amy then put out an APB (JK, but…kinda) on someone in the crowd who looked a little suspicious, as shown in a video posted by fan account @harry_meghan_updates. Whispering to the secret service guy nearby, Amy nods in the direction of someone in the crowd. From there, more secret service men step in as one moves closer toward Markle and the crowds in front of her, and we have to say: Markle is in seriously good hands with this lady.

Thankfully, nothing came of the person (or persons) who Amy pointed out, but she deserves some sort of medal for her hawk-eyed protection of the expecting duchess.

Keep calm and carry on, Meghan. You have nothing to fear when Amy is near.

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