Matt LeBlanc Reveals Which ‘Friends’ Co-star Was the Most Difficult to Work with

Among all the Friends cast members, Marcel the monkey was a standout. He was adorable, he was expressive, and while he didn’t say a ton, he made quite the impression on his fellow co-stars.

Friends alum Matt LeBlanc recently opened up about his fond memories working with Marcel during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In case you’ve forgotten about dear Marcel, he’s the capuchin monkey Ross (David Schwimmer) adopted in season one of the long-running TV series. And if you thought he caused some issues on-screen, just wait until you hear what the primate was up to on set.

When Kimmel asked if LeBlanc keeps in touch with Marcel now, LeBlanc joked that he bought him at an auction. On a more serious note, he did say working with Marcel was an enjoyable, but wild experience.

LeBlanc recalled one day where Marcel (who is actually a female monkey named Katie) climbed up the set lights and disappeared into the ceiling. “It took half an hour [to get her down]. They were waving mealworms,” he remembered.

But while the IRL Joey didn’t mind working with the high-maintenance monkey, Schwimmer wasn’t a big fan. “He’s the one that had to work with it the most, so he was like, ‘Again with the monkey?’” LeBlanc laughed.

All we can say is come on, Ross…in a Joey voice, natch.

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