Marie Kondo Is Responsible for Instagram’s Newest, Most Soothing Trend

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method is the gift that keeps giving. We may have binged the 34-year-old organization expert’s new Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo days after its debut, but now there’s a new way to enjoy the tranquil pleasures of Kondo’s joy-sparking methods.

Thanks to her aesthetically pleasing brand of organization, our Instagram feed has been chock-full of aspiring Kondos showcasing their best KonMari efforts. It’s basically visual Xanax, and our type-A minds are all about it.

People are organizing their Levis in perfect little rows. So symmetrical! So clean!

They’re arranging vibrant sweaters into minimalist dressers for drawers that look like functional art.

They’re even extending the KonMari method to tiny little baby clothes, and what’s cuter than that? Answer: nothing.

Forget happy hour, we’re rushing home to KonMari our drawers. Woosah.


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