Mandy Moore Had a Major Fashion Faux Pas (& We Can Totally Relate)

Mandy Moore just committed a sartorial sin, and she's ready to confess.

On her Instagram Story, the This Is Us star posted a pic of herself in her dressing room and shared details about her fashion faux pas. She captioned the mirror selfie, "Just noticed my underwear was upside down all day. Note to self: Don't get dressed in the dark. (I was trying not to wake up @tayloedawesgoldsmmith.)" Yep, been there.

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In the photo, Moore stands in front of her couch, posing in a white top and red cardigan with blue jeans. And if you're feeling inspired by this look, then you might want to check out this button-down Honeycomb Cardigan from Alex Mill ($165). Complete the look with Lululemon's Long Sleeve Shirt ($68) and GAP's Mid-Rise Blue Jeans, now on sale for $70.

Along with her fashion mishap, the 37-year-old actress shared snaps of her 11-month-old son, Gus, who looked happy to join her on the set of This Is Us. In the first pic, the proud mom sits in her makeup chair as she holds her son in her lap. She wrote, "Goosey visiting Mama at work yesterday." Then, she followed up with a photo of Gus enjoying some downtime in a ball pit. Moore simply wrote, "Same."

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Instagram / MandyMooreMM

This isn't the first time that Moore had to deal with a fashion blunder. If you recall, the actress opened up about having a wardrobe malfunction at last year's Emmy Awards. Luckily, Sophia Bush came to her rescue. She told People, "I was in this red dress with really thin spaghetti straps. Sweet Sophia Bush walked by to go backstage, and I jumped up to hug her, and a strap just popped."

Moore continued, "The next commercial break, I ran back there, and Sophia had told them, so they had red thread ready to go. Thank God for her!"

Let's hear it for trusty pals like Sophia. (And for fashion mishaps that go unnoticed!)

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