Turns Out Lunchables ‘Brunchables’ Are Not an April Fools’ Joke

new lunchables brunchables

Yes, you could pull out your grandmother’s phenomenal quiche recipe and spend hours perfecting the mix of fruit and wine in your homemade sangria for the ultimate at-home brunch. Or, you could go the nostalgic route for brunch and stock up on Capri Sun and the newest launch from everyone’s favorite one-and-done lunch: Lunchables “Brunchables.”

The brand first tweeted about Brunchables on April 1 with just an image and the name as a hashtag. The internet very quickly weighed in with reactions ranging from “I know this is an April Fools joke, and I am NOT AMUSED” to “We would all eat this and you know it.” It’s only taken the brand 30 years to do it, but Lunchables breakfast sandwiches are real and they’re spectacular.

Unfortunately there are no mimosa juice bags included, but there are three types of meat and cheese sandwiches available (bacon, ham and sausage), each paired with a mini blueberry muffin. Brunchables will hit stores sometime this spring, though an exact date has yet to be announced. We’re on the edge of our seats.

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