Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Luke Perry’s Final Episode of ‘Riverdale’

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it officially happened. And yes, we’re talking about Luke Perry’s final episode of Riverdale, which aired last night on The CW. While it’s hard to picture the series sans Fred Andrews, his last scene couldn’t have been more fitting.

Here’s what you need to know about the late actor’s final Riverdale cameo: On Chapter Fifty-Four, titled “Fear the Reaper,” Archie (KJ Apa) finds himself in trouble with the law…again.

It all started during last week’s episode when Archie challenged Randy (Darcy Hinds) to a match in Elio’s (Julian Haig) “The Guilded Gloves” tournament. After taking Fizzle Rocks, Randy pounded Archie to the ground. That is, until Archie turned the tables on him, knocking him out in one swift punch. The problem? Randy didn’t move for a solid 30 seconds. And during this week’s installment, we learn the doctors were unable to save him.

So, Archie returns home to his dad, Fred (Perry), who delivers a classic speech to put his son at ease. When Archie starts beating himself up, claiming he knew that Randy was taking Fizzle Rocks and didn’t forfeit the match, Fred chimes in with one last (literally) piece of advice.

“Son, from everything you’ve said, it’s clear that Randy died from those drugs,” Fred said. “An autopsy will support that you’re innocent.”

Sure, the scene was far too brief, but it speaks volumes about the pair’s relationship. Whenever Archie was in trouble—which was quite often—he regularly turned to his dad for advice. And regardless of the length of the talk, Fred always managed to whip out an impromptu line that low-key made the episode.

While we can’t say the show will ever be the same, we’re just happy to have (almost) three full seasons of Fred Andrews to binge-watch whenever we please.

Riverdale returns to The CW next Wednesday, May 1, at 8 p.m.


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