Can’t Get Enough of ‘Love Is Blind’? There’s an Instagram Filter for That

love is blind instagram filter

Fact: Few shows have drawn in an audience as passionate as Love Is Blind. If you’ve seen the Netflix series, then you totally get it. Watching a group of singles date in pods that don’t allow them to see one another until they get engaged is fascinating—and that’s just the beginning. Then these people move in together and consider getting married all within weeks of knowing each other? How could you not be obsessed?!

Well, if you’re one of the many fans who can’t get enough of Love Is Blind, then we’re happy to announce that we just dropped an Instagram filter that reveals who you’d end up with if you were on the show.

Curious to see if you’d find love with Mark, Jessica, Amber, Barnett, Cameron, Lauren Diamond, Carlton, Lauren, Kenny Giannina or Damian? Then, head to PureWow’s Instagram and select the little smiley face under our highlights. From there, pick the Love Is Blind quiz, then press the “try it” button. Once you’re all set up, hold down on the button while our very scientific methods determine which contestant you’d make the best match with. When the verdict is in, be sure to share with your followers on your Instagram Story and tag PureWow for a chance to be featured in our Story roundup.

There’s no need to put on makeup, change out of your sweatpants or even stop your kids from screaming in the background. Just imagine you’re practicing social distancing from a pod in the middle of nowhere with a Jessica-sized wine supply and all the Italian Beef. No Marks invited, sorry.


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